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What web browser do you use? Chrome? Firefox? Internet explorer?

Just curious. I am not technologically savvy, and except for typing, am almost completely computer illiterate. I use Chrome right now, but it freezes up quite a bit. Help! :bz

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks…maybe that’s it. I am addicted to the Big Brother Live Feeds lol O’m thinking of trying Firefox though. You rock!

I use Chrome because I love the options. On those rare occasions when Chrome misbehaves, I use Firefox or Safari.

I used to use FIrefox but it started feeling slow and bulky for me so I switched to Chrome and haven’t looked back since.

Chrome all the way.

I use Safari.

Reply to @stop_it_man: Thanks Boss. I’ve never used Safari. I’ll give it a go!

Reply to @rnuyen: Then it may be my 1983 laptop. lol Time for an upgrade? Thanks rnuyen!

Reply to @nickj2013: Thanks for the vote. :slight_smile:

Reply to @solow13: Thanks solo! @stop_it_man uses that one sometime, too. Apprec!

I always use Firefox, but Google Chrome is my back-up if something isn’t working.

Reply to @emilyrose93: Thx Em! You Rock!

chrome is the best.

Reply to @safwan: Thanks for your vote!

I use chrome as it loads my fiver Todo’s quickly :wink:

Reply to @oscarthedog: you welcome.

Reply to @vijayjangid: Thanks Dude!

I use Chrome without any plugins for fast browsing , and I use Firefox for my web development tasks

I am using Google Chrome and its best

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