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What went wrong with my gig?


I started an account as a seller here in Fiverr for 2 months now and I already finished 42 orders most of them are from this gig a translation work from English to Arabic. I was working more then 5 orders a week maybe more. But now it sees that the gig has died. I don’t know what went wrong my stats says this: ACTIVE 2.4K 19 21 0 0%.

Can any one tell me what is going on


I actually had an incredibly similar thing happen to me too! :c I had so many orders, almost one a day and now it’s died off almost completely. I wonder what happened.


The best advice in this situation is to be patient and use your downtime to focus on promoting your gigs manually via social media and other forms of marketing. Good luck


True nicred. how can I promote them I am an Arabic and all my friends are Arabic and guess what Arabs do not buy through the internet. I need to find American, Europain traffic to my gigs.

Can you help me out.


well, aside from social media you could also do some article marketing with sites like, squidoo or hubpages. These are the ones I have used in the past.

You tube is also a great way to promote your service. You could get great videos made right here on fiver.

Another option is to buy exposure from other fiver sellers. I have done this once but cant really tell if it’s worked. Its worth a shot but only if you have spare dollars to burn .


maybe because some people might had used your service because they had arabic exams and now they had stopped because they had finished their exams and they will come back next year when their exams start again. could be… maybe i am wrong.


Reply to @superfunart: that sounds like it could be the cause, good thinking