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What Were The Strongest Steps That Made You a Difference In Getting You More Sales Leads?


Hi Guys,

I would like to understand from you what were the major measures you took in order to increase sales leads on Fiverr dramatically. When I am saying that I am talking about around 10 leads per day.



Sales success is different for each seller. What works for one seller, may not work the same for another. If you want to increase the visibility of your gig(s), and help more buyers find them, a good place to start is to market and promote them outside of Fiverr. Go where your customer base is located, and find ways to tell them about what you do.

Building leads usually requires hard work. There is no simple, easy way to do it.


I am getting around 5 buyer messages per day, and 1~2 sales. I’ve noticed that the best way to get leads is to deliver quickly. It results in a quick bump in search rankings. I always deliver within 4 hours of getting an order. Every time I have delivered an order that fast, I have received a bump in my rankings on search pages, which has lead to more sales. I delivered 1 gig this morning, and I have 2 orders pending in my queue now.


Thanks. That’s very interesting to know. Anything else you can share with us?


The thing that I did that made the biggest impact was branching out in my gigs. I originally only offered website and technology help, getting a few gigs, but then I decided to create a gig where I would write a blog post about something I had experience with (technology)

Within a month, I had done more sales than i had done in the past 2 years. It became so much of a load I had to increase my prices and eventually put a hold on Fiverr altogether to get myself in order.

I also added videos to all my gigs, and I assume that helped. I used some really nice free stock footage along and bought a decent mic to do voice-overs, and they turned out alright.

TLDR: I tried creating a gig a little outside my comfort zone and my sales blew up.


Dear AdWords Advisor:

I suggest that you listen to Episode 48 of Fiverrcast, about this very topic.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to Fiverrcast? I can’t seem to find any Episodes after 48.

Thank you,


Yeah, I’ve been a bit curious about the fate of the Fivercast podcasts as well. They were going strong for many weeks, and were a great (and informative) listen… and then they stopped. Nothing new, and no announcement about the podcast being discontinued.


This is very peculiar because I got 9 orders yesterday in a span of 12 hours as we were talking about it on the forum. 6X were repeat orders from the same buyer, (of course, repeat sales have nothing to do with the algorithm, the buyer just stuck around because he needed a lot of things done) but I noticed that for every 3 gigs that I delivered, I got one more sale from a new buyer from the Fiverr marketplace. Now, this is algorithm doing its magic.

I’ve delivered 11 orders in 12 hours (from 4 different buyers), and going to deliver 1 gig in 2 hours. Let’s see if my hypothesis has any merit to it. (The counter point is that my gigs are already ranked on the first row of the Fiverr search bar for their primary keyword, so there’s no more scope for the algorithm to bump it any further and it may be co-incidence that people are getting back from holidays and back to taking care of business. Or maybe the gigs are indeed being bumped up for secondary keywords).

The only way we will know if our hypothesis is true is if I get a sale or two from a (non-repeat) buyer today. (Otherwise we are just a bunch of kids who made a fool of themselves with the Fiverr team reading our conversation and smirking at us) :joy:


Okay, 12 hours after writing this, here’s an update : Got 4 new orders pending in my queue from non-repeat buyers.


Very interesting. Did those orders precede with request for info on the buyer’s side?


All of them. And all of them were custom orders.

Not a single one of them ordered without sending me a message first. Since I offer customization services, they all send me samples of what they need me to make to check the delivery timeline and cost.

UPDATE : I became a level 2 seller 4 hours back. This has been one crazy week for me!


Congratulations. I’d borrow a leaf from your pages.