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What Were You Working Before Fiverr/Freelancing?


What did you do before you started freelancing?

I was a High-School student that had a lot of free time and I decided to do something creative which would generate some income. But I never thought that I would go this far.

The first gig that I started offering here on Fiverr were Amazon reviews, but in the meanwhile, I started learning graphic design and social media marketing because I knew that the Amazon reviews won’t last for long. Then because of school, I made a big break of 6-7 months before I started offering my design services again, that was mid May 2015.

Share your story. :smiley:


Well, right before I choose to be a self-employed artist, I acted in a Hollywood movie. :wink:


Really? Have we all seen you in that particular movie, was it popular?


Honestly, I have no idea what movies everyone has seen. But yes, I’m sure many people have seen that movie – it was produced by a major American film studio.

As to how popular it was, I don’t have that data handy either. :wink:


Come on, now Jon. You know what I want to know . . .


I used to be John Travolta too…


You were one of the fans in Little Big League, weren’t you? I recognise your face!


@jonbaas I knew you looked familiar!


Yes, that was one movie that I was in. Although, you probably don’t recognize my face from it… I was 13 years old at the time. :wink:


Well, yeah, there’s that too. :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG, I never thought I’d see and talk to a Hollywood actor! :heart_eyes: Hats off to anyone who makes it to Hollywood! :tophat:

And my first question is rather obvious: is IMDB crooked in regards to the movie ratings? :smiley:


…as for me, I used to do logo designs for 2 years on the famous 99d logo contest site. Until I made a big mistake: I published all the logos that had not won any contest in my own portfolio site, and then the 99d team banned me for having used my own designs in their already finalized and old contests :unamused: It was really ugly.

But that was a good mistake, because I then came to know Fiverr, and while it was freshly started :smiley:


I am a Teacher and was and still do that. Before Fiverr I was doing online surveys and working a part time job. Both got the boot once Fiverr started taking off.


I had a crappy job in the government. Now I freelance full time.


I was a hotel manager and failed author. At the time I joined Fiverr after deciding to go freelance, I was also planning to give up and go back to pretending that I care about what happens to unprepared middle-aged English people when they go walking up mountains in Scotland.

In this case, yes, my being on Fiverr has actually saved countless lives, as now somebody does actually call mountain rescue when they don’t come back.

Note to budding Scottish Mountaineers: Fill in a route card before you leave your accommodation or people like me really will have a knees up in the pub while you are being eaten by the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui. - Really, that’s actually what happens.


Nowhere lol. I’m a Freelancer from the beginning of my career. :smiley:


I rarely look anything up on IMDB. Nor do I pay much attention to the movie critics. :wink:


In other words, @Woofy31 he wants to say everything is rigged, my dear. BTW do you keep your logo designs private message me some. I really want to see what have you designed. :stuck_out_tongue:

@wp_kid - sounds just like me. :slight_smile:


Well, I still have them in my portfolio page, but I’ve lost all source files after my older computer on which I worked decided to die (fried board, hdd with tons of bad sectors, bad ram) :cry: But I don’t care about those logo source files anymore, I could recreate them if I’d wish to, I’m more sad about all the family photos and previous dogs pics I had on it :sob: :sob: :sob:


I’m still working in the same job duh… I don’t think I will leave my job in the near future because of Fiverr… I always need to have a back up :smirk: