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What Were You Working Before Fiverr/Freelancing?


One week ago I’ve got a mail that I was banned from 99designs because of inactivity. That’s actually the first freelancing site that I started to offer my design services on, but it never worked out for me as I didn’t bother actually. :slight_smile:

@jonbaas I said that to woofy as he never mentioned that he was a designer. :slight_smile:


That’s why I deleted my response above.

I will note, though, that you may have intended that request for Woofy, but you actually responded to my comment – thus making it appear as though you were asking me. Your comment registered here in the forum as a response to me.


Haven’t noticed. I just pressed on the reply button at the bottom. :slight_smile:


I see. Context is a remarkably powerful (and confusing) thing. :wink:

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Indeed dear honorable sir. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a musician first and foremost and have had dozens of day jobs to support it over the last decade… cashier, office worker, telecoms, receptionist, retail, bakery, daycare, movie store (when those were still a thing lol), and many more. I’m glad voice overs have allowed me to solely work from home so I can still pursue music and other hobbies I love.


@jonbaas @gig_freak I don’t know what just happened between you two, guys, as I was doing something else in the meantime, but I think we should all be friendlies in here, right? :wink:

Now, I’ve always loved art, I love drawing, I’m also an illustrator in my spare time, do beautiful paintings with nothing but colored pencils (which is a harder medium than oil paints and wet stuff like that), made plenty of illustration-heavy infographics for a company, and when I’ll get a better computer I’ll switch to animation and 3D, which are my personal favorites but cannot touch them with this crappy old laptop.

So yeah, I guess I’m sort of a designer, more of an artist though - I just don’t have the time and patience to do all this on Fiverr. YET! (that looks like “yeti” :smiley: )


Oh, I bear no ill will toward @gig_freak. None at all. :slight_smile:


Was a student and am a student. :unamused:


True that… I was also studying but working as well :unamused: I almost forgot those years…


When i was doing a Degree of BS Computer Science back at 2010 at that time my cuzn introduce me with the fiverr at that time people were not so awared so after the gig creation you have a bulk of orders…and surprisingly i was level 2 seller in just 20 days…but then as my semester goes on the stydy got stuff and didnt get time for fiverr as a result my ratings and canellation rates increaes…and a time come many buyers contacted CS and my account got banned in 2012…and leaved Fiverr Phew…

Then after Completion of my degree 2014 i got a job regarding graphic desiger 9 to 6 job… and in 2015 i again join fiverr and Now…

am working Fiverr + also doing job with a compny that have their own products like leather jackets etc… My Position is Multimedia/ Web & Graphic Designer + Product Designer… and at Night use Fiverr… :slight_smile:

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@Woofy31 So if i have the same account till now i would have a TRS like you and Fun thing at that time you i seen your gigs Few time… :slight_smile:

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That felt like going back in time :smiley:

Curiously enough, I also have a BS degree in computer science, and have been a programming-addict for as long as I can remember. Even won programming contests… but I let it all fall after meeting with Art :smiley: though coding is still running through my veins. It’s one of those things I can never forget to do, like running a bicycle.


Is there something that you don’t actually do? For real? SEO action plans, drawings, design, programming, writing :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah True…but in my case i was just doing degree but never loved coding we study little to just Pass the Paper…
How i came to Design industry…
There was our Madam she use to wear Beautiful Dresses and i normally comment and gave advice regarding dresses and some other observations…So she Told me that you have good aesthetics get into design industry and then started… what a time… :slight_smile:


Actually, no, no I don’t. My mind-reading skills are a bit lacking these days. :wink:

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Love this one man, the story about the lady. :smiley:

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I have no idea how to respond to this. :confused:


Wait, writing? That is a skill that I’m still learning. How’d you know about that? :smiley:

Actually, I do one more thing that I’m really good at: sleeping! Speeking of… :zzz:

I don’t have the time and patience to offer my design skills on Fiverr. Not Yet. I’ve started as an SEO analyst to do something different, and I’ve remained one for 7 years - it’s grown inside of me, it’s deeply rooted.


So Why you are not in designing World???