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What were your next steps after reaching level 2?


I just reached level 2 a few days ago. Woohoo! I’d like to hear from some more experienced sellers: what changes did you make that helped you after you reached level 2? Examples are price changes, strategies, etc.


Firstly, Congrats!
Secondly, :dollar: :up:


Thanks! What would you suggest in regards to my most frequent clients? I was thinking of raising the price for new orders and see how it goes, and later raise the price for my regulars (they always order from me via custom offer, so changing the price on the gig itself wouldn’t affect them).


Honestly, level 2 still does not have much weight to your account as you lack the TOTAL NUMBER of reviews vs your competitor.

You can increase the price, but be warned of the aftereffects. I have over 100 reviews, but I still feel it is insufficient to raise my price as my competitors has over 500 reviews.

So I am slowly inching towards my target.

So you may wish to do a little market research of your own regarding the possible changes you want to apply to your gigs.


Congrats on level 2!

I would recommend to keep doing what you do and wait for the orders to come in, you will find your “lucky week” of the month when you get the most orders.
Always deliver on time, or maybe sooner.

Good luck


I´m not sure, Step 1 probably was going to a coffeeshop for a really nice coffee. :wink:

Congrats. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t change prices at this point, wait til you have some more reviews and regular buyers. I’d suggest waiting til 100 reviews if possible but it all depends on what type of orders you get. If you only get a couple of high value orders per month then it may be worth putting up prices now but if it is smaller orders then wait because you are likely to lose some previous buyers with a price increase. This would nullify the effect of a price increase or even cause your overall income to decrease!


Your strategy depends on what it is you want to achieve on Fiverr. For me, I have a bunch of other stuff I do, so when I got level 2 I probably started saying no more often. Before I got to level 2 I felt it was more important to be getting orders under my belt, even if it wasn’t my core business.


For me, the price change depends on the type of gig.

I am very particular about writing gigs/sellers. My writing consists of significant errors in grammar, punctuation, run-on sentences, etc. The few that I have for editing that I like - took great deal of money and research to find them - I will keep, within reason. Those with great writing skills, oh, I will definitely keep unless the price becomes outrageous.


Thanks for your insight!


Okay, thanks. One hundred is the magic number :slight_smile:


congratz on your success. :wink: :dizzy:
I just reached 100 reviews 4days ago. :smiley:


Awesome! Congrats to you too!


Congrats @adrover :heart_eyes:


Pretty much nothing. I continued like before, kept the prices the same, continued sending buyer requests etc. After I managed to rank my gig on the 1st page of Fiverr on “Average Customer Reviews” section, then I thought about increasing my prices. :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


Do it with Determination and you will get for what you are looking. Maybe it will take sometime but it would be fruitful.


@adrover Hi there,
Congrats to you. Even I got promoted to Level 2 just few days back. :slight_smile:


The first thing you might consider is checking out your peers in your category.

Level 2 is a great start, but at that level you could have 30 reviews or so, and the question is how does that compare to your peers in your category, how is their pricing and how loyal are your repeat customers?

For me I actually didn’t change my pricing until after about 300 reviews, but each category is different.

Keep it up, congrats and great start!


Congratulations! High Five!


Congratulations for entering into Pro League, As you may know you are more trusted seller and probably will receive more traffic so in this case i would not recommand you to increase prices especially for the Basic gig. You can +$5 for extras but let the base price as it is. Once you’ll achieve a lot of positive feedbacks from all over the world and attain a respected image from thousand of people then shooting up your prices will result positively.