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What will be beneficially? TRS or Fiverr Pro

I wonder what will be more benefited for a seller when it’s a matter of having TRS badge or Pro badge on their profile?

Because I’m seeing the Pro badge seller get less orders than the TRS badge holders. What’s your opinion in these case?


You can have both. You just have to qualify and be selected.


Being both a TRS and a Pro badge holder, let me assure you neither is as inportant as providing the highest possible level of service.

The only benefit that comes with the Pro badge vs the TRS one, is that Fiverr essentially vouches for you and your expertise/quality of service.


I seem to do quite well without either one of them.

Although, I’ve strived to become a TRS for some time now.

Just the badge is social proof that they are vouching for you as TRS are hand picked!

That’s why I strive to over-deliver on EVERY order and provide the highest quality of service possible!

Hope that helps,


Same as me, I try to do my best to become TRS.

I tried to give my best service, deliver fast, do revision and make sure all my customer feel satisfied.

Wish me luck okay :slight_smile:
This evaluation, fiverr choose me to stay at level 2.

It’s okay, I will keep up to improving my skill.

Wish all seller here get a better result for the next evaluation day :slight_smile:


Wish very soon you’ll get it. I’m not that much new, just continue here from last Oct. Reach $5k only. So Still long way to go :smiley:


I didn’t even know they were different. I agree that delivering the very best quality is what matters.


I’ve really been rethinking my strategy lately.

I read a post about a possible IPO. So I’m in the process of fine tuning, and running the final tests on some extremely high quality and high ticket gigs.

For some time my main focus has been on local SEO. Not only because it’s easier to get my clients the desired results. But mainly because I thoroughly enjoy supporting small businesses and helping them grow their business by 10 fold.

By finding joy, and being proud of getting my clients results that add to their bottom line I am building a loyal client base. I will be adding complimentary gigs once the testing is all complete.

Once they are added, I will have transitioned moving my entire SEO operation completely to Fiverr. These local SEO services entail everything a small business needs to get up and running and getting results online.

For a small business on a shoe string budget, my SEO services help them maximize their ROI on every dollar spent.

Once my full range of Local SEO gigs are published and proven I plan to apply for Fiverr Pro.

My SEO business on Fiverr is my full time business. I finally incorporated my business this year and hope to become a top pro seller soon.

I do believe that Fiverr will move more towards the pro sellers and begin to weed out the riff raff. This is a good thing as it boosts the customer experience and rewards the sellers who truly strive to provide nothing short of an absolutely amazing experience in every way!

Just my .02

  • Justin

The better will be to have both TRS and PRO. However, if you are a pro I guess you can easily in few months become the TRS if you work hard because the PRO’s get enough for each order. Also Fiverr promotes them on the different page so you don’t have to worry about the ranking of the gig most probabbly as they will automatically promote all of your gigs on the website.

TRS also has some benifits over the PRO however I don’t think that they have a constant rankling as compared to the PRO"s as they got own Homepage now and also get mixed among the other Fiverr gigs.

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