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What will be fiverr's outsourcing policy after trump? [RESOLVED]


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I couldn’t understand what will be fiverr’s policy after trump’s election. As everyone knows Mr. Trump has ordered that people of seven country’s immigration has been blocked or banned. He said he will force companies to work in America. He said It will not been easy to leave America, In spite he said he will loose tax burden over companies. I want to know, What will be changed in Fiverr’s rate policy? Fiverr currently taking $1 for gig. After order, What will be the policy? I mean it will charge more or less.

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As we’re all from all over the world and Fiverr isn’t based in the US, I don’t think it’ll make a blind bit of difference.


Fiverr is in fact an Israel based company.
They do have offices in the US, but the new policies will definitely not affect our nice community here :slight_smile:


hello @bhavyamehta an Indian here :slight_smile: this is really pointless as Fiverr is global website and I noticed that most people from Asia(I could be wrong). US government rules doesn’t affect any fiverr policies.