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What will be happen if I promote my fiverr's profile link?

I promote my fiverr’s profile on blogspot website, social profile, related forum and in other website. I have got a message “if anyone promote their profile link directly Fiverr ban their profile” is that true? I need to know about this badly.


I also want to know that!!!

“promote My fiverr’s profile on blogspot website, social profile, related forum and in other website” --> Allowed.

“promote blogspot website, social profile, related forum and other website in my fiverr’s profile” --> Banned.

I think you might be getting mixed up - You are allowed (and encouraged) to promote your Fiverr profile anywhere on the internet! You are NOT allowed to promote anything on your Fiverr profile or gig pages. Hope that clears it up!


When you promote your gig at social media, your viewers increases so does your impression.

No problem if you share your gigs on social media. You can share it in fiverr groups on facebook if people like they will order it. For me "Fiverr is the best ".

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@raina07 actually Quora will block your account on quora website, may be they don’t allow promoting of such things on their website. The message was from Quora so it means Quora have problem with it, not fiverr. I don’t think fiverr will block your account if you promote your profile on other websites.

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Spam removed again and if any more is posted in the wrong categories or are duplicates they will be deleted and reported.

You can get traffic to your gig in that way, you need to spred your gigs via social networks and drive traffic to your profile or gigs.

This was a Great question. I had a similar question when I was new. I hope this information helps lots of new Fiverr sellers.

Thank you

Fiverr encourages you to promote your gig, however it does not allow you to promote your alternative marketplaces (ie: personal website) or contact info.

Reply to @nicktribedesign: But I got that message from . I am following a discussion there and got it. I need to ensure about that. If anyone from administrator will answer, it would be better for seller.

Sheriff’s Note @chrust1802: One of your posts has already been removed for spamming. Now I see you’ve repeated this. Please stop. You may promote your gig on the Fiverr forum in the My Fiverr Gigs forum and not on other categories. Duplicates of the same post can also get your posts removed.

Reply to @usmanjalal: Actually Quora don’t block any link. I have been with Quora since 2 years. I have shared many links as promotional and reference as well. But didn’t face any restriction till now. Someone shared his/her profile link on Quora. It accept the link but when I visited that link, Fiverr shows on top This account banned. I have asked him why his account was banned.
He suspect like Fiverr banned his account for promoting.

Reply to @raina07: Fiverr blocks only spam accounts. May be he spammed other fiverr users with messages. There must be some reason behind it. I beleive fiverr wont block for legal work.

Reply to @raina07: If this helps any, I am a Fiverr forum moderator. The little yellow star on my post marks me a “sheriff” - Fiverr’s word for moderator. I can assure that that Fiverr does not ban you for promoting your profile elsewhere unless you do something that breaks Fiverr’s own rules.

The person on Quora probably got banned for something else and doesn’t want to admit it. I would say, though, your best bets right now might be to promote yourself on sites that other sellers have used successfully. I can’t personally speak for Quora, but I’ve promoted profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Blogspot and my personal site without a problem.

Reply to @raina07: you have no idea why someone’s Fiverr account was banned. Just because they promoted on Quora does not mean anything. A sellers account can be banned here on Fiverr for many different type of things.

Let me ask you this, what kind of gig was this person selling?

Reply to @fonthaunt: thanks. you made my day and remove all worries about that. how do I close this thread?

Reply to @sincere18: Actually I don’t know what kind of gig he was selling…

Reply to @raina07: Quora is evil, they have banned my account twice. Usually it’s because I argue political issues and people get offended. When I argue about other issues, nobody gets offended.