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What will be the best length for my gig video?

My video was rejected because it was to long.

Videos should be at least 30 seconds long and at most 60 seconds. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Exactly… and don’t use offensive video…

30 seconds is too long. Make it 20 seconds. People are not here to watch a movie. They want it fast. Nothing is worse than having someone leave before the video is up because it’s too long—better to be too short.

@misscrystal Your point is right, short videos sell better but how can one include the basic details of an offer plus a sales pitch plus call to action in 20-30 sec? I consider a one-minute video a short one, usually longer (and agreed, most of times boring) videos are the ones exceeding 2-3 minutes. IDK, personally I find it hard to include EVERY important point I want to make in a 60sec video but it must be just me :slight_smile:

I just created a video for one of my gigs, and it runs about 30 seconds. It’s a basic little video that I put together in iMovie, and it just touches on what my service is about. I typically get a lot of impressions and clicks, so I’m hoping that the video will help convert some of those window shoppers into customers. I’m the type of person that tends to lose interest interest if a video runs too long, but somewhere in the 30 second to 60 second range works out best for me.

With the introduction of the new “packages” feature it may turn out that the only place we can sell our gigs is with a thorough video like yours.

I think that Fiverr requires videos to be a minimum of 30 seconds long, so a video shorter than that will probably also be denied. I haven’t tested that, but it is stated that way in the help article:

Based on the little research I did, Fiverr requires your video length to be between 25-60 seconds. Just got my video approved as well.