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What will be the impact of accepting the dispute

Hello fiverr!
I am new here. Recently a I got an order about creating an intro video on a specific theme. I completed the order in time now the buyer says I didn’t meet the expectation. He requested for dispute. I told him what is the problem he is not clearing. I offered him revision but he is not agree. And he want money back so he requested for dispute. What should I do? I really wasted my my hours on the work. If I should accept the dispute what impacts will it on my gig.

He will get his money back. It shouldn’t have any other consequences.

I’m afraid there’s not much you can do aside from writing to Customer Support and asking for their intervention. The company doesn’t have too many safeguards in place against buyers who get their work done and then open a dispute to get the money back as well.
Most experienced sellers suggest that we simply let these thieves have their money back cause majority of buyers are good people, looking for good quality work. The fight isn’t worth your time.
My first buyer got their money back after I finished the work. I let it go and since then I’ve had a steady trickle of genuine buyers who have helped take the sting out of that first experience.
Best of luck!

So it’s a trick to get the job done in free? How can we prevent these type of situation?

You should send him the low resolution files first… If he is happy you can deliver the order… If he is not liking the work, he will not get the original files as you have halted them. Yes you are right, he might get the IDEA that can be recreated, but still he will have to work for that.

I have faced this problem once, The buyer took the original files with dispute, I felt bad, but I could do nothing about it.

If you are sure that you delivered the work based on your gig description and that you are 100% sure the work is perfect, then you should decline the cancellation dispute and contact support to review the case.

But won’t you get a bad feedback/review from the buyer this way?

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