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What will be the problem if I edit the gig?

I still get 5 orders from Fiverr. But a few days contact with buyer for me but after they did’t work. I think it is better to change the image of my gig. What will be the problem if I edit the gig? Besides, my gig impression is decreasing day by day. What should I do?

Please help Me Any one.

In My Gig:


As my experience, you can change gig image. I have done so many times. Enjoy fiverr.


Thank You very much.

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Many sellers said and edited the gig… I won’t get any more orders, the impression will go down. I am confused

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Don’t change a Gig which is ranked before or ranking. As you already get orders on the Gig its mean there is no issue with Gig image, title, description & price.

I saw many posts on Fiverr forum that they change their Gig image and their Gig lost ranking.

My Gig also some times not get any order. When its happen I share my Gig on social media (specially on targeted groups)

I also try to be active on Fiverr more and more.


But not a Gig which already get few orders, right?


After talking to the client everything is final but later he does not work with me.

If I delete the image of the gig, there will be face any problem problem.

As my experience- I have more then 50 reviews in one gig, day before yesterday I found it was in 3rd page. Then I change now it is on 2nd page. I am not sure about gig ranking. Thanks for comment

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I am also not sure about Fiverr Ranking System. Actually no one knows. I have suggested from other sellers.

In my gig is ranking now first page, Actually I am hesitate. Thanks for your advice.

I think you should not edit the gig which is already ranked . Because sometimes it effects ranking


Thank you very Much. But I didn’t get order with long time. How can it solve this problem.

you are right brother

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I have get 5 reviews With 5 order.