What will be your new gig In New year?


Hi fiverrs,

I hope you all are having great time. Whats your plan In new year 2017.

I have no planning yet . Because Its waste of time for me to planning .

But Do you ever think about creating new gig ? What will be your new gig?

Thank you so much

All the best


Hey there, great topic !
Indeed we are incorporating new ideas and gigs to our account !
More Logo and Mobile App related gigs. Hope they do well :slight_smile:



I’m thinkng about new gigs right now! Today I have set up one new gig onpage seo optimization :slight_smile:




Still thinking! I added a telepathy gig that has become very successful in its short span time.


Good topic! I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m thinking about offering a new product photography retouching gig. Although my first gig hasn’t seen any success so far, so fingers crossed things will improve!


Sorry, I missed this 4-people party animal gem on the right-hand menu.

I have nothing further to add, m’lud. As always, ignore the PR, look at the mountain of “FIVERR Y U NO” messages under.

Santa Claws?


If it goes tweet, tweet, you can find it. and discover that I’m full of hyperbole, too. But that is the end result of almost all hq gatherings.