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What will get my gig denied?

I have a gig going that I’m pretty happy with, have made a few sales and gotten good reviews. I now want to update the gig a little but I’m afraid of doing the wrong thing and getting the gig denied. So I have a few questions…

  1. If a gig is denied do I get a chance to fix the problem and resubmit or will I have to recreate the gig?

  2. If a gig is denied do I lose all the reviews associated with that gig?

  3. My buyers are asking the same questions repeatedly and I’d like to add more information to my gig description but there simply isn’t the space within Fiverr’s word limit. Can I have a link in the description to an external google doc that would have FAQs?

  4. Same problem as above with the Instructions For Buyer, there simply isn’t enough space to properly explain what I need from the Buyer within Fiverr’s work limit. Can I have an external link in here?

  5. Will I lose my Level 1 seller if my gigs are denied?

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Thanks, I think that’s the way I’ll go. Have a video that answers a few of the more common questions.

I have only one question’s answer … asked above… no the reviews are
not lost … they are stored in your profiles.

I was about to reply when I noticed this thread is 5-years old. :hushed:
Trying to think what I was up to 5-years ago. :thinking: