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What will happen after 5 days if buyer not response to change review?


Few buyers always try to spoil good gigs. Recently I have fixed a wordpress site, I did the job perfectly. But buyer gave me bad review not so bad but I think any reviews less than 5 stars are bad in fiverr that will effect gig ranking. .

I wanted to know what will happen if buyer not response to change review within 5 days. Review will be removed automatically or exist current review?

I didn’t contact fiverr CS. I don’t know why any decision from fiverr CS goes to buyers favor! Buyers are not permanent But sellers are permanent. Very bad luck today


You may want to read this:


I am seeing review change time 5 days now. It was 3 days. may be changed.


What happens when the buyer does not respond to your review modification request?


My guess is the review remains :frowning: