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What will happen if buyer doesn't finish their request?


Hello. I’m a newbie here so please forgive me if i ask something stupid.

I had a children comic 5 page order and i finished it. Isent it to my buyer and he said it ok, but he want me to add some text on it. I do it and sent him. After that i see he online 4 time and seen my update but he don’t finish his order. I ask him if there are any problem, why he dont finish his request but he offline before and doesn’t online again till now. I wait more than a day. Order time is over. What’s happen with this order if he doesn’t online or doesn’t complete his order for me?


just let him be
if he press finish then GOOD
if not then GOOD.
it will automatically finish after 3 days

SO let that guy be. LOL


If seller did not finish ordering, don’t start, use the nudge button, i sometimes use it or inform buyers that they have not finished their order…Don’t be in a rush

An unfinished order is not money earned, in my case, it stayed there for weeks, since buyer did not finish it, i asked fiverr to cancel it and also never heard from the buyer again


and . . what will happen if the seller dispute the buyer ? are the seller still getting paid ? @hardbearded996


Thank you all but what’s exactly what will happen, anyone please let my know ToT


The answer is, the order will be auto completed within 3 days. :blush:


instead of asking him to finish

ask him to leave a feedback.


nope 0% disputed amount will turn back to buyer


omg that’s not good :fearful:


I do ever do this and guess what, the order completed but the buyer not leaving any feedback . . and after weeks, the buyer come again and completed the order again and . . not leaving me feedback again . . lol :joy:


He onlined and still silent :joy: