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What will happen if i add a gig image that sold by another fiverr seller

This is about a Graphic design gig,

actually I’m from Sri Lanka. I currently do programming stuff on fiverr. I’m great to say that I am a Level 2 seller here. so today i found a guy who like to work with me (he’s a qualified graphic designer) so i can create gig for himself on my fiverr profile then he can sell there. he agreed with that because he know how harder it is to start selling on fiverr. now the problem is almost all the project he done so far is for fiverr. ( he hired by some other fiverrions). today he showed me some samples and he said don’t put those images on gigs because those are sold items on fiverr. so i need to know is there any possibility my account get banned or have TOS violations if i put those images on the gig which i’m creating for himself? because he said he is busy these days and can’t create new designs just to put on gig. but he willing to do the jobs cause he getting paid with.

Thank you!

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Yes, you could be banned. It would be a ToS violation and it would be unethical.

I would tell him that he would have to make time to create original images or you can’t work with him. Be polite but firm. This sounds like bad business to me.

Everyone has to put in marketing efforts to get paid well as a freelancer. Either way, it would be crazy for you to risk your account by using copyrighted images.

No, I’m definitely not going to put those images in my gigs, I asked just to know about the scenario what happens if someone does like that because i had no idea about that. I love to know almost everything about fiverr system because i do reply for queries on forum. Thank you for your kind reply! :sun_with_face:

If they were sold to customers (yours or another seller’s) the copyright would belong to those customers. So surely it would be against copyright law to put them on your gig without their permission.

Yeah i already understood. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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