What will happen if I cancel the gig?


Lately I’ve been having an order that I can’t do the best ( because it’s out of my description) but the buyer click order before we make a deal, Now i wanna quit the job and give the buyer back the money, what should I can do? Has Canceling the order a bad effect on my Selling, maybe I will get a negative feedback, something like that…

Waiting for helps, Thanks!


If the cancellation is mutual, it has no effect on you. IF the cancellation is forced, it will lower your rating. Just click “resolution center.” It’s pretty self-explanatory.


Hello there !

You can opt for Mutual Cancellation which will return the funds to your buyer and you will not have any negative impact on your Gig.

However cancelling a Gig would increase your cancellation ratio other than that no negative as such.

Hope this helps.


thanks guys! very useful for me!!!


Mutual cancellation is you don’t feel comfortable doing it. Just keep in mind if you do too many MC they will lower your rankings.