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What will happen if i do not give my Feed back to buyer?


I have completed the order after one revision and client has got exactly what he wanted but from his conversation i feel he would not have left good feedback despite of getting exactly what he wanted after on revision…so if i do not publish my feedback his feed back would not show on my profile right? is it right to do?
All suggestions of yours are welcomed


The feedback will eventually show on your profile. Your best option is to review the transaction fairly. Give your side of the story, but stay professional.


how it will show up eventually are you sure?


Yes… The buyer’s feedback will eventually show no matter whether you post your feedback or not. @ahmwritingco is right.


But according to the new fiverr update unless i leave my feedback i can not see the review so will it be still on my profile?


This only means that you won’t be able to see the buyer’s rating before you post your own review (AKA blind review) (this was possible before the update, though). However, if the buyer decides to leave a review, it will show up on your profile after a while.

Yes, it will show up on your profile. There is absolutely NOTHING a seller can do to prevent a buyer from posting a review on the seller’s profile. As simple as that. :slight_smile:


its not on my profile yet because i have not left my feedback…so will it come after few days?


Yes. I believe 10 days is the duration.


can you give me official reference to this? would be grateful to you


Taken from the ToS:

  • Users are allowed to leave reviews on orders up to 10 days after an order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an order after 10 days.

So, the buyer has 10 days after order completion to post a review. If the buyer doesn’t post a review within this duration, obviously there won’t be any review to add to your profile.


Hansbuber16 is correct. Here’s the official word from Fiverr backing up what he says:

“If a seller does not review the buyer from a specific transaction, the buyer’s review will be revealed 10 days after order completion. Once the sides have provided their feedback, their reviews will be made public and will be locked from further changes.”



Thank you all for helping me in this matter so what i have come to know is, We sellers can not do any thing other than providing best quality…the feedback depends on buyer but that is not completely fair…Thanks all


I don’t see how that’s unfair. The buyer purchased a gig from you and, therefore, has every right to post a review that’s in accordance with the experience they had while working with the seller (you). You get to do that, too. You get to post a review of your experience with the buyer, too. That seems perfectly fair to me. :man_shrugging: