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What will happen if I edit my gig?


I was getting regular order from one my gig. Suddenly I noticed, there is a spelling mistake on my gig image and I edited my gig image. After editing I uploaded that image. Its a story about one month. And from last I am not getting any order under my that gig.

Will you please tell me, why I’m not getting any order under my that gig?
Thanks to all.


Obviously, A lot of people after editing their gig face this problem because it usually takes 24h to 48hours to update it on and be back on the search, I’m facing the same problem at the moment since my gig was edited like 2 days ago, I haven’t got any new orders but order from some old customers I’ve been dealing with, my gig isn’t showing in the first page as it used to but in the last page 3/3, and when I type the title of my gig in the search bar, my gig doesn’t appear. So I contacted the CS and I’m still waiting for a reply!


Thanks you very much for your kind information.