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What will happen if I move to another country?


1)What will happen to my account if I move to another country permanently? Can I change my country and keep the account?
2) if I travel to another country and work from there for couple of months, will that be OK with fiverr?


You should ask customer support about this. I’m sure that if you simply notify them when you move they will change your country on your profile.


But what about travelling? Have you ever tries to work from abroad?


No but it’s not unusual for others to do that so just tell customer support. I don’t see why it would be any problem.


In fact, it’s one of the amazing benefits when you work online. Why live in an expensive and boring country while you can live anywhere in the world where costs of living are much lower and life is much more interesting! Fiverr is one the best ways to facilitate a digital nomad lifestyle :slight_smile: Especially because you earn in $$$