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What will happen if more people report a fiverr user


Hi everyone,

This is a question which i was thinking form a while. What will happen if couple, hundreds or thousands of people report someone on fiverr without any reason? What can be the worst scenario. Because i see there are lot of tutorials on youtube and other streaming platforms about fiverr and 90% of those usernames(accounts) are does not exists on fiverr further when i try to reach those profiles. The one and only thing i can think of is they reported by people and got ban. because no one like to deactivate an account with good sales. So I’m curious to know weather these kind of reports can ban an account without an actual reason. Hope a good answer from an experienced member. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You,


I’m sure it’s a case by case basis. Who knows or cares why they are no longer active? Why are you wondering about this? People come and go here.


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Sorry but you can’t choose who gets to answer you and how they answer you. I’m as free to answer as anyone else.


Yes, That’s why i said thanks! :ok_hand:


Maybe someone will answer in the way you want, someone you like and approve of then. You wanted to know why people are no longer here with active accounts. I gave a good answer. 1. who cares and 2. various reasons


Yeah i think so. :blush:

I do care, cause i need those information before starting my campaign.


I think, like Miss Crystal said, Fiverr would look at the person’s account and go from there. I don’t think somebody would get banned just because others complained. I think Fiverr would need to see proof of wrongdoing before they took away a seller’s income stream.

I think it’s far more likely that those sellers you’re talking about broke the rules in some way or couldn’t keep up with the changing nature of the website. About a year ago, Fiverr started to come down hard on those using multiple accounts, those selling dodgy services, those doing review exchanges, etc. A fair number of prominent sellers fell by the wayside, some with tens of thousands of reviews.

At about the same time, Fiverr introduced the new levels system, which upset a lot of sellers. A few were so unhappy they decided to leave the site altogether.


There are lots of sellers on youtube who are still here and doing very well. I said who cares because it’s not anything to be concerned about. Just follow the rules and you won’t get banned. People either get banned or stop working on fiverr for lots of reasons. It’s ok to have some promotional videos for your gigs on youtube.


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I reply how I choose and if you don’t like it just ignore it. No need to be so rude.


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Well I’m so appreciative that you found one of my answers to your liking! Maybe we both need to find nicer ways to communicate.


Yes that’s true. I get anger really quickly with simple things. sorry for that. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been awake all night and not as nice as I try to be usually and also didn’t understand why you were asking that. So it was a misunderstanding on my part.


no one will report your profile without solid reason .and fiverr is not a ROBOT that they will ban the reported account .there must a procedure of banning someone account. if a lot of people reports your profile then fiverr will looks into your account and then they will decide to ban or not . :blush::blush:


If a thousend people get annoyed by your promotion it means you doing some thing wrong. Before Fiverr bann any user , it is reviewd by a Fiverr Stuff . If your actions are legit you don’t have to worry.


I found what i looked for with this statement. Thank You! Appreciate your answer.


If several users report you for inappropriate behavior (for example, you get angry at your buyer or at another seller, and become rude to them), you can get banned.


I just hope Fiverr investigates before judging a person guilty just because someone clicked “report.” People can report for any reason. Got a bad review? Reported. Had to refund the order? Reported. Messaged but didn’t buy? Reported.

There are infuriating situations. I give a buyer 5 stars, “Thank you for ordering” as a review, then the fink gives me 1.7 stars and write some nasty stuff. Now I’m angry because if I go to his page, he has 5 stars from me! 5 stars he didn’t deserve! So not only I reported him, I blocked him.

First I reported him for abusive behavior, but then I realized that feeling abused isn’t the same as being abused. So I unblocked him and reported him again for negative work experience. I hope this doesn’t get me in trouble. I don’t think it should, but you never know with all the changes Fiverr has made.