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What will happen if more people report a fiverr user


The problem is that to block someone you also have to “report” them for something and often when I report someone it’s because I just want to block them from buying and contacting me, not because they violated a rule.

Someone kept asking me for discounts repeatedly and was snippy so I blocked them since I didn’t want to deal with them, but they didn’t violate any rules. I usually check “other” and explain why I’m blocking them.


I think they do. And, as far as I know, they definitely investigate the case before banning someone.


I just wonder if anyone has ever reported me or blocked me for any reason. I know I never violate any rules but with the new “block” feature you never know. I wouldn’t know I was blocked because I never try to initiate contact with others unless it’s a seller I am interested in.


Sadly, every day I’m see people get angry very easily and for trifles. For all of them, a good thing would be working some time in real world jobs before doing it in the virtual world.

Working in real world teaches you to manage not only your temper, but also your reasoning, and get good control over your left hand treating people as, there, you’ll find all kind of persons and situations to overcome the best way possible, for you and others.


and that will make the person mature and experienced enough to ignore the things that are wasting their time.


You’ll find out if you ever try to talk to them again. With that said, I think sellers are more likely to block buyers than the other way around.


Currently I’m working as a Trainee Software Engineer as my internship of the university. I hope it will help me to control my behaviors. Thanks for your worthy advice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice reply. I like it:+1:


I guess you kinda gave a potential answer to your question just now. Some of them get angry easily and were banned for rudeness. So please be careful friend.