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What will happen if she still didn't reply and need revision

I had this client. I still didn’t get any responses after she ask for revision or modification. I explain my side to her, however. Until now, she didn’t respond. What will happened to this gig?


Have you revised what she had asked for?

Yes but she keeps declining and denying about my explaination about the shrinking of spine in the book cover. I keep explaining my side, but now. She stopped replying. She thought I am lying about the book spine.

Why? what happened when I delayed it and wait for her reply?

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Is the order under revision or it’s delivered and yet to be mark as complete?

I just checked on our convo. She replied, maybe the fiverr is on the glitch again. I don’t understand why there is too much bug in fiverr. She replied on October 16, my god -_- It didn’t appear on my phone. It bothers me a lot, but I was the one who is having a technical error

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Refresh often, check back in the conversations, read/skim the emails you get from Fiverr.


Sometimes it happens like this. I ever sent a message to a user and fiverr held the message and said that it’s being reviewed by the trust and safety team. My message reached the user the next day when they finally approved the message.

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It happened to me too. a buyer contact me 4 hour ago and I didn’t get any notification. i check always. i received the message when the buyer send me another message second time after 4 hrs. OMG.
no emails from fiverr, no notifications, seriously?

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This issue about fiverr glitch keeps getting me in trouble when it comes to my clients.


i was missing it for 4 hours, while i was online. thats not acceptable.