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What will happen on my Evaluation Period?

Hi there! I think this is my first topic ever on Fiverr Forum (sorry for my bad english)
So, the thing is, I’m currently a non-level seller here in the platform, but this month I’ve finally accomplished everything I need to get to Level 2 (A huge YAY! for that)
So, my question is: am I going to be a Level 2 Seller by the time evaluation finishes? Or am I being promoted to just Level 1?
I’ve worked so hard this year (I’m also celebrating my first year on Fiverr :smiley:)
Thanks! x


Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. :wave:t2:

Sellers can only move up one level at a time. But congratulations on becoming a Level One seller on the next evaluation day. :slightly_smiling_face:


One of the requirements for level 2 seller is to complete I think 30 or 60 days as level 1 seller, so no, you didn’t complete all requirements for level 2 seller :wink:


Umm, no I just searched and I didn’t find that requirement, and even if there was that requirement. I was a Level 1 Seller months ago for 2 months exactly haha

:arrow_up: @jesusdavidl Well, @vickiespencer has already given you the right answer. Now you know why.

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Yup! Thanks for clarifying :grin:

On my analytics page, it says 120 days as level 1. On the other hand, it’s telling me I’ve completed that, despite only being a level 1 seller for one day.

Cool, thanks for clarifying that, I couldn’t remember the exact amount of days.

Have you been level one seller before or it’s your first time?

Nope, first time! 20

Welcome to this forum

What will happen if i did not complete the next level requirements within the evaluation period. Will they suspend my account.