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What will happen the order that buyer did't rating me?


hey guys, i’m doing fixing problems with HTML and CSS . so i had a order. then i complete it it’s around $15.but that buyer did’t rating me… so what will happen on that money??.. did i loose it… the order was done by 4days ago… please help me… thanks


Don’t worry about it, some buyers don’t rate, they’re either lazy about it, forget to do it, maybe they liked the job but don’t realize the importance of rating.

It’s OK, no rating is better than a bad rating.

I have 1,300+ positive reviews, 15 negative, and 595 not rated. I would rather have no negative reviews, but it’s not always possible.


thanks for the comment dr… then what will happen to the money ??


Hello keminlora

It happens some time, some buyers forget to do that, or may be they don’t like to press review, but you can write on delivery message “don’t forget to press review” it will remained them.


Reply to @keminlora: You will be paid whether they rate you or not. As long as there is no cancellation of the order or anything weird like a PayPal dispute, you get your money about 2 weeks after the gig is fully marked complete. No worries. I only get ratings on about 2/3 of my gigs but it doesn’t affect my pay.

I wouldn’t ask a buyer about ratings more than once. Sometimes they don’t rate you if they liked your work but didn’t like every single thing. I would take a no rating over a negative rating any day! If you bug them about it you could annoy them and end up with a lower rating.


thanks guys i got the answer…