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What will happened if the reviews is so delayed or very late?

I have a one buyer. At first, I told him to wait because I am busy working with another Buyers Request but I was kind of a shocked when he suddenly Purchase an order for me even I gave him red lights which I find that disrespectful.

That was on February 19. He order. Don’t know why he is on a hurry. Then he said his bestfriend introduce my work to him that he was very happy about it. His bestfriend was also my buyer in a traditional request sketch. I can say the most easiest Gig I have is this Sketching Gig but never knew a lot is craving for it compared to the digital works I produce. Sketching Gig only needs a pencil, eraser, bond paper and a scanner.

SO this guy followed my fanpage and leave message and some quiet small talks. But I was kind of upset during the next day like February 20. I gave him 2 revisions. 1 revision is for free like what I am doing for my first time Buyers just for a quality check. Then It kinda gives me a strange feeling when I ask him to give a review after using the 2 revision and he said “My client has no response yet”. So I decided to wait.

Now that it’s February 21. I asked him again because all his request are done and warned him to have only 2 remaining revision. He still replies “Still waiting for my client”.

Thats why, I need to ask if theres an expiry date for giving a reviews of the buyers or having such a bad effect on my fiverr profile whenever the buyers gives a very late and delay reviews. It’s been 2 days that the guy didn’t give a reviews even I did everything what he requested me to do. keeps reasoning out his client.

Just worried that it may give a bad effects into my account as well :confused:

Please answer if it will have an effects? Pleassseeeeee

Oh dear, you’ve got a shoddy middleman. If his client hates it, you’re in trouble…

Buyers can give reviews up to 30 days after a project is completed. It sounds like your buyer is spamming the mod button for his own benefit and to keep his options open. Notice how he’s shown you no respect throughout the entire process? That doesn’t bode well at all.

Personally, I’d contact Customer Support. This guy is probably getting paid a lot more than you are, and believe me, you’re nothing more than a little walking profit slave as far as he’s concerned.

I just send him cancellation request. Thank you for the advice. It’s quiet upsetting to be a newbie here in Fiverr. people are just taking advantage of your kindness. -_-

I may report him if he didn’t cancel it. gggeeeezzzz

There’s no need to cancel. You’ve basically now offered him your work for free. Now his potential profit is 100% at your complete expense.

If he has rejected the delivery, he can never cancel for late delivery :slight_smile: Theoretically, you could leave the gig sitting there forever since he messed you around.

I wouldn’t wait for a review. I wouldn’t have cancelled. No review, no cancel, you get paid. Done.

I have cancelled it. Maybe he’ll bother me around. I feel like he is in a flirting mood or something. just don’t like it. lol

Just letting you know that not all buyers leave a review. Don’t let it bother you and I would not ask a buyer to leave a review either.
Keep doing a good job and you will keep getting sales.

This is a very meaningful advice. Thank you :smiley: