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What will i do for be level 1 seller


can you give me tip for be a level 1 seller.

I’ve been on Fiverr for one month but i didnt sell my gig.

what will i do, i dont know for selling more gig.



Best tip for new seller?

Be patient.

Read the forum thoroughly.

Be patient.

Fix your gigs.

Be patient.

Test your title, description and tags.

Be patient.

Promote outside of Fiverr.

Be Patient.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: thanx for your tip and interested again :slight_smile: i will do


check this may be it will help you?

13 Tips On How To Promote your Fiverr Gigs


Reply to @mohaplaban:

thnx my friend

i did this tips and going to do that. But maybe my proble is, i dont have buyyer confidence, because im new member

again thnx for interested


Reply to @bingbanners:

Thank you for your interest.

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