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What will I do in this situation when buyer was fake

After sending my buyer request, in my inbox buyer message me to design a brochure for his company. In my inbox, I reply that I can do that. Then I told him/her that please place an order for that. But the buyer replied that he wants to see some sample. Then I will provide some samples of my work. Then he shows interest in my designs and requested to do all the design of my samples. Then I ask him to place an order again. But the buyer refused and said he/she wants to see my sample. Then I provide him 2 of my design samples with watermark. After that, the buyer informed me that my design is very good. He/She needs such a design for their company. I have already 2 days in my hand to submit the total design. After that, the buyer will not come. I knock the buyer 2/3 times, but he/she will not answer me.

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This is the regular fact in Fiverr. Pls keep Focus on the bottom of buyer name at massage section. There showing how long she/he on online. Then you can realize his activitie. But we cant Justify as an fake customer.

But if same customer doing same act several time then you can discuss it with fiverr Support.

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If you delivered complete work when the order wasn’t even placed, you are at fault here. It was incredibly naive. Your potential “buyer” is probably removing your watermarks right now, as we speak.

DO NOT deliver work if there is no order.


Thanks for your suggestion.

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