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What will I do Now?

I have completed 6 gig 6 months ago. But I can’t get any Order. Please advise community team. How can I get success in Fiverr?
Please See My Profile link below


Ok, so another digital marketer who has no idea how to market himself. Trust much?

I am sorry but if you are the expert, why are you asking me a Mix Engineer and Composer of music?

Either this is a sneaky advert or you really aren’t qualified to sell marketing. What is it that you really are good at? Sell that as you can do that with confidence and will naturally understand what your kind of buyer wants.

I won’t pretend it is easy all the time, I constantly struggle against the ideas that much of the marketplace hold which are very different from what I do, but I do get work when I meet the people who want what I do because they recognize that I am genuine in my passion.

Where is your real passion?



Hello, I hope you are fine!

First of all, you should not worry because it is extremely normal! When I registered on Fiverr I think I waited 7 months for the first person to message me for an order! It makes sense, on Fiverr there is a lot of movement in both offer and demand, but be sure the first order always arrives! After the first order, after having your first review as a reference for other buyers, you will see that it will begin to flow better.

I recommend you share the link of your Gig on your social networks! That way you can achieve a greater diffusion and also make sure your App notifications are ON! So you can respond as quickly as possible when someone interested in your services writes you!

I hope you enjoy this experience here as much as I have been able to enjoy it in these 3 years


Thanks for your important advice. Pray for me.


Check this out New Sellers .... The True Way to Success!

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I also find it somewhat amusing that a digital marketer is having issues with finding work on Fiverr.

Sorry, but if anyone should know how to reach people with their Gig, I would think a digital marketer will have a lot better chance than me, a web content writer.

Do you see why I find it funny?


They were probably told by the YouTube or blogger guru that setting up a Gig in that category is like a gold mine and getting rich overnight is assured.


What exactly does this mean? Just spam your Gig link on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn? If so, that is not “marketing your Gig”. Most people on FB are only spamming their family and friends - you would need to actually know how to leave your link on social media to have an impact. Most times, it would be glossed over as probably less than 1% of the population like looking at spammed links in their social media feeds daily.


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Thanks for your valuable reply

I can promote any kind of business, products and services within a short time to millions of people.

The above is from your profile description.

Why not use your expertise to do the same for your Fiverr business.

PS. You need to remove the Fiverr logo from your gig images as that is not allowed.

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