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What will I do to a very bad experience with a buyer

First of all, he/she ordered a gig to me which had a 5 days delivery time and he/she messaged me that he/she needs it tomorrow. So it’s like a 1 day delivery time for a 1 gig, a custom order that includes a ms word brochure, ms excel and ms powerpoint services. After I delivered, he/she said that there’s a problem regarding to the footer and automatic play with slides in powerpoint. Before that, I asked him if he/she will do it manually and he/she said, yes. Regarding to the footer, I gave him/her clearly the instructions on how to do it because it contains his/her personal name. Lastly, he’s/she’s keep telling me that he wanted to cancel to order because there’s a lot of problems but I do it all correctly based on the instructions he/she gave me. I told him/her that if there’s a problem, I will do it because he/she has 9 revisions for that project. Yet, he’s/she’s pushing to cancel the order but I declined it. Then today, 4 hours left before the delivery time of 5 days. She/he request a revision and did not clearly give his details regarding to the footer that she/he said.


This is someone who wants to use your work for free.

Deliver again, explaining that you have done what was asked of you … and if necessary contact CS, explaining that this person just doesn’t want to pay. Attach screen shots.


Based on your story, I think your buyer will give you a bad rate later :frowning:
I think it’s for the best if you cancel this project.
Maintain 5 star rating is much much difficult than 90% order completion.

People would choose *5 rating 98% completion than *4.8 rating 100% completion.
With 5 star rating, you could attract buyer more than 100% order completion,

Wish you luck,


I suggest to cancel the order and refund the buyer, too. It’s better than have a negative review, and your reputation on Fiverr is the first thing to keep good.

Thank you! I already request to cancel the order. But can I report this to CS?

Don’t cancel!

This is someone who wants to use your work for free as Coerdelion said. You can’t let buyers push you around like this.


Okay, I changed my mind. Withdraw the cancel order and I report it to customer support. Thank you guys!

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I agree with @graphtersawyer and @coerdelion. Once you let a buyer cancel and steal your work, then their friends will hear of it, and they will descend on you like a plague of locusts. Even if you get a bad review, you can defend what yourself by explaining how the buyer tried to cheat you. Do this in both the reviews you give the seller.


Yes any half-decent buyer knows that some buyers are not saints. How you deal with a negative review says a lot about who you are. Your dignity etc.

This definitely looks like someone who has no dignity so if they give you a bad review they will probably write some pretty stupid things which gives their real nature away.

Sorry it is happening tho and I wish the system were ha lot harder on this sort character because there are way too many on Fiverr on both sides of the fence.


A small percentage of buyers think they can treat sellers like bumbling fast food workers to be humbled, abused, and ripped-off. Cancelling the order just encourages them.

I let them rant and rave, then flag them when their language becomes abusive. Fiverr sends the buyer a warning that calms them down.

When the buyer gives you that nasty review, reward them with a one star all other sellers can see. Pat yourself on the back because you’ve just taught a repeat offender a lesson. I’ve seen this happen many times.

Good luck and don’t put up with abuse.