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What will make my Gig to get orders quickly

This is my profile please look at my gigs and give me suggestion and comments for getting the better idea to rank my gig. I have been working to make my gig on the first page but something is missing. I hardly get orders in my Fiverr gigs.


Your profile and gigs look good. Certainly much better than many I see posted to the forum.

Have you thought about taking the Fiverr Basic English test? From what I can see your level of English is good, so you should pass.

If you pass with a reasonable score it would give buyers added confidence that you will understand their instructions.

Therefore it might (potentially) lead to more orders.


@english_voice; may I too have your valuable opinion about mine, please. :blush:

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Thank you so much for your great suggestion !
I will take the english test soon !
And hope to stay connected with you
For more tips and tricks from you .
Stay Safe <3

I would suggest you to change your Gig image to more professional and minimal design ! Which will attract the buyers for buying your Gig ! Thank You

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@martinbaidyaa, Lovely,
Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance. I’ll be on it sooner. At least the descriptions have passed my doubts.

Thanks again. :heart_eyes:

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