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What Will You Choose?


Hello Dear my co-workers i have a serious question for all sellers.
What will you choose between these two options
1- A Negative Review
2- Cancellation of Order

and why?

My Answer:
I will choose Cancellation of order due to some reasons i dont want to get paid for a job in which my client is not happy
second reason is i dont want a negative review on my profile


Cancellation. Negative review is more damaging than cancellation which will unfortunately lead to level decrease.


Negative review because I stand by my work and the people who request cancellations keep on coming back with different usernames and doing the same.

Don’t be a hamster on a treadmill of evil. Be a seller and show scammers that they’re the real rodents.


I will go with Cancellation .

Negative Review and Cancellation may have the same impact on your Fiverr gig ranking.

But, If buyers see your Fiverr gig with a Negative Review then the chances are they will not choose you.

on the order hand, Cancellation will not get you a Negative Review, that means if buyers see your Gig they might place an order with confidence as your Gig do not have a Negative Review.


My advice:

  1. If you have 25+ Great Reviews, accept the Negative

  2. If you have less than 25, cancel the order

  1. Now that you have enough great reviews to show off to the public, stand your ground. If you allow buyers to walk all over you with endless revisions and manipulation, they will come back. You pray and hope they won’t order from you again, but they will - after all, YOU allowed it. They want more for less and the abuse will never stop.
  • Accept the low review as a badge of honor. Step back, take a deep breath, sip some :tea: and then kill them with kindness. You write a professional, coherent, feedback that makes them look like a :clown_face: .

  • Yes, I filter for bad reviews just to see what the buyer wrote and how the seller responded. Don’t fall victim by responding with “Horrible Buyer . . . .” - there is no need, that’s a given. Let your future buyers know you are easy and professional to work with by how well you respond.

  1. Unfortunately, if you have less than 25 reviews, you have yet to prove your talent; therefore, future buyers may be skeptical about giving you a try. I’d recommend you cancel. :frowning_face:

That is just my recommendation as how I see things from a buyer’s perspective. :heart:


Did you try to improve your work and make a revision ? You could get a good review !


I do the same thing :slight_smile: I pay way more attention to negative reviews than positive ones. It’s how sellers respond to the worst buyers that really show how professional they are.


I’m keen on quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore I would go for cancellation.


If I have done the work properly then I will take a negative review and happily lose that person as a client.
The customer is not always right - that cliche is fine when you are talking about food/wine (like the original idea was intended for) as the “seller” in that instance is selling a product where they are making at least a double their money profit so their worst case scenario is a happy customer but no money made.
On Fiverr, where people are doing things for much less than they should cost and are generally very labor intensive tasks it should not apply. Even Mr Selfridge and Mr. Ritz who are supposedly the ones responsible for the phrase, would not see it as good business sense.


I have a $5 buyer right now who is a pain. I expect a bad review just because this person is a jerk.
So to be honest it’s not worth the $4 I get to continue with this person but it happens sometimes.
So in this case I will take the bad review. I really dislike these cheap mean people.


Golden Rule. I don’t like paying for stuff I’m not happy with. If my buyer’s not happy, I’ve got to make them happy, or cancel it.


The thing is this: sometimes they are thrilled with what they got but are dishonest and want their $5 back so you can’t just assume they are telling the truth.


Hmm. On a related note… that graphic makes my eyes hurt.


Negative review. If you are consistently delivering quality work and getting plenty of great reviews, then one bad one is not even going to be a factor.

Besides, it is a matter or principle. I never do bad work. And when I deliver I expect to be paid. As we like to say, never work for free.


Exactly right. Same here.


True, true. It’s easy to get worked about the bad apples.

I went to a Rotary Club meeting where the guest speaker was the CFO of a local hospital. We peppered him with questions about the millions of dollars in care the hospital provides to uninsured ER walk-ins which is never reimbursed. No matter how much we tried to get him worked up about it, he cheerfully said that those losses were a normal part of the business of running a hospital, and the hospital was financially healthy.

I’ve lost $2-3k on dishonest buyers this year. I want to have the same reaction as that hosptial CFO, focusing on what I got to keep. I don’t always manage it, but I don’t want to be like some folks we meet here to let a $5 deal gone bad ruin their whole day.


sir how this graphics hurt your eyes?


I found out how hospitals work and it’s not pretty. He makes over $500,000 a year possibly or more.
Hospitals are not honest either. Don’t feel bad about them.

I love that you get so much for setting one web design appointment! Awesome gigs you have.


Bad choice of colors, and color design. That bright yellow could have been a different color – even a more muted yellow. Good images stand out, they don’t make people go blind. :wink: