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What will you do if you feel a buyer doesn't treat you 'right'?


I joined Fiverr from April but start reading this forum about a month ago. I found many inspiring stories and interesting tips here, thanks to you, guys! I wish I read it earlier to avoid some spectacles. So far, I met many great buyers and a few bad one, but also, they who belongs to gray area. Means, I can’t categorize them in bad or good side. Here’s my story and I hope you will share your experience and advice about this kind of buyer. I’m not an English native speaker, so pardon me for some grammar mistakes.

Some buyer offer me long term work, but I don’t feel they treat me ‘right’ in the beginning. For example : a buyer bought my gig as a test, I was promised to get the big job if I passed that test, but he clicked on the wrong gig. He wants the final product to be a comic (after I past my test), he ordered 6 of my basic comic gig, but he wrote that he wanted character design (he doesn’t mention how many, he also ordered the big object like animal and its rider–that’s worth 2 basic illustration gig for me). I tried to tell him that he clicked on the wrong gig, I offered him to ordered from my other gig (also, the price for character design is different than basic comic gig), but he said he ordered that gig because he wanted to make it comic. Still, it doesn’t make sense to me. The comic job he told me maybe looks interesting, but from the way he treat me on our first collaboration… I feel like, “maybe no?”. My English speaking skill’s not good and this buyer use… I call it ‘flowery language’. He used praises and such, makes it sounds so polite but I’m not sure he understand what I mean by “you click the wrong gig, I suggest you to take another gig and read the price list and description there to get what you want”.

Another story, a buyer ordered me a basic comic gig but didn’t give me any specific order, just “make something for me” and gave me some pictures reference. Some old grainy pictures. I draw based on the gig he clicked. I need to researched what kind of drawing I should make based on some pictures he gave me (and some of them doesn’t have any specific information), yet he said it has to be historically accurate. I thought the last gig worth more than 5$ because of the research and all. He’s pretty happy with the result, although, the first time he saw my sketch he told me that it’s not like what he imagined. He ordered again, no specific order and gave me some reference pictures. I learned from the last experience that this time I have to ask him what actually he wants. Did he want a comic like last time? Is there any script? He said it’s just drawing test, so he wants me to draw this ‘specific place’ and he wanted the quality to be same as the sample on my gig (that sample is the drawing of a city and I spent about a week to draw it). I said, I can’t do that for a basic gig. I can draw him the place worth 5$, but for to get the higher quality, he need to pay more. He’s actually pretty kind, it’s just that he confused me with his unclear order and… when the fact that he ordered basic gigs but asked me to draw high quality illustration of a place bothered me.

Even though those buyers promised me for a bigger job and they’ve been very sweet in the chat, I feel slightly scared that they won’t treat me right.

I have refused some buyer before I start a project because I have specific reasons like (I can’t use that program/I was away from computer and can’t finish it that soon/I don’t have any ability to draw that order, etc). But how to warn/refuse the buyer that has bought your order and you’re afraid that they might do the same mistake? If you have same experience, please share it with me and how to handle it.

Thank you very much!

Hey… hehe I tried to read your post but I got confused along the way about some things.

Anyway… I think you’ll have to just tell the buyer honestly about whatever you feel and what you think is the most appropriate thing to say. If you don’t like to work for that specific buyer, then let them know politely that you aren’t comfortable with this and that, or you can’t do the specifics they asked, etc. :slight_smile:

You got a fragglesrock. I’d say what I want, but it would be censored. You’re just a cog in a machine, so remember that.

Note the emphasis on being polite. Don’t see that on the buyer. I had a dreadful message today so I’m not cheerful about it all at all really, since I have to suck it the fragglesrock up.

Yay. Sorry.

I’m sorry about that, I will edit some things to make it clear later.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable to refuse after they placed and order unless they order something I really can’t do (like adult theme or asked me to use program I never use before). Language and culture barrier worry me too. But yes, I need to learn alot here. Thank you theratypist :slight_smile:

It’s all about being straight up at the beginning; saying what you mean and meaning what you say in a professional manner.