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What will you do when Buyer will give 4.7 stars instead of 5 stars like me?


My recent Buyer has given me 4.7 stars instead of 5. He wanted more work from me for gig.I mentioned in my gig description that 1 issue=1 order. But he wanted more bugs fix.I was not agreed with him. so He gave me that kind of feedback.What will I do now?




Sadly, live with it. I don’t mean to sound harsh but its his choice. there is nothing really you can do if he felt there should have been more.

Maybe ensure in the first buyer remark that as a reminder it is 1 issue for 1 gig order. this way they know again… But you cant control their ratings, but you can control yours back to them.


I made a poster yesterday with 2 hours of work on it , and did 5 revisions completely free for the buyer and still he gave me 4 star rating ,when i asked why , he replied , " Because i had to tell you to do changes many times " , and i was like yeah ! i’m a mind reader and i will exactly know what is in your mind and make changes on my own , Firstly i gave made those changes for free and still he was dis-satisfied for that fact , there are peoples like him everywhere they just want more and more and what to pay like nothing for the hard work ! we all deal with such kind of buyers , so don’t worry it won’t effect your ratings when rest pf your customers are giving you 5 stars :slight_smile:


Reply to @ardicus: Thanks ,Really great tips for me.Thanks again.


I will take order those Buyer who has 5 or 4.90 stars. :))