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What with the 1200 chars limit


Hi there,
I’m a new buyer at Fiverr, I have lot’s of work I want to order, but the 1200 characters limit makes communication impossible, I made two orders making each of them required 5-6 messages each on every talk I had with the seller. 1200 chars maybe enough if you order a regular gig (I think it’s not enough even then) but I have some customer orders and breaking the communication to multiple messages makes it hard, unreadable at times.
I also cannot understand this 3 days auto complete WTF, but this is for a different topic.


You might try to write your requirements/messages in a text file/word/pdf/whatever you use and then send that to the seller, maybe that will ease the conversation and you can write as much as you’d like.
What’s wrong about the 3 days auto complete?


Spam Protection.

Fiverr Policy. Nothing more to it.


Well, I ordered customer gig of a large icons set, the seller sent me some icons to review just before the weekend, I didn’t have time to review and today the order is “completed” it is still in the middle of the work.
So now I continue the work with the seller using regular messages and not the order review. I understand this feature is because buyers not closing the orders, but why not at least request that the seller mark the order as complete before the system automatically close it?
Both this and the 1200 chars limit show Fiverr think buyer-seller communication is not important. and I’m using Fiverr for just few days.


Fiverr automatically sends message to your CONTACT EMAIL prior to your order closing. Sending you warning message at least 24 hours before Auto Completion.

It is your responsibility to check those messages.

Just FYI.


Well, not in this case. did not get any message.
I got the message that the order is ready for review one on Thursday night and the other on Friday (Just past midnight), our workweek is Sun-Thu so I saw the message on Sunday, my seller workweek is Mon-Fri so there is no communication option on Sunday, the stuff that was sent was part of the order and not the complete order.
Just to clear, the seller is great and we are continuing to work on the orders, I just do not understand the limitations? this harm the communication and the flow of the project.


IF you truly did not get any message, then I can completely understand your frustration.

If it is not too much work for you, may I recommend opening up a Customer Support ticket to let them know, why you did not receive any notifications prior to Auto completion.


I will, Thanks.
As I told you this was the first time I used Fiverr so I didn’t know about the auto-complete issue. but you say it is my responsibility to check the messages, what could I have done even if I got a message (which I did not, but this is another issue)? is there a way to mark the order so it will no auto-complete? should the seller do this (as the order is not completed)?


Ok, moving past the autocomplete. (Sorry once delivered there’s no way to stop the Auto Completion Timer)

IT IS AGAINST THE TERMS OF SERVICE for the seller to deliver ANYTHING which is not complete. PERIOD!

Does not matter the excuse, Fiverr is quite clear on this.

It is well within your rights now to claim a dispute regarding this order. You can ask for a refund for your order among other things.

Do you know how to do that?


First I want to thank you for your help :slight_smile: and time
I do not want to claim a dispute, as I told you I think the seller is OK and we are in the middle of the work, but I understand that there is a problem with our process (and maybe I will lose the option of dispute if I do not do it now, again I’m not familiar with the platform restrictions) . I made a large order which include many items, there is no way to review the work in parts?


regarding the 3 day limit it is that by this time if the seller does not respond the order is considered completed.


If you put all your eggs in a basket, unfortunately, the way this platform is setup, you do not get a MILESTONE update.

However, if you are in a good working relationship with your seller, you can ask him prior to the project or even during, to submit updates either via screenshots or via messaging on the order page.

Now I am not aware of what services are being rendered for you here, but for e.g if I am updating a blog post or image on a website, I will send them screenshot of it once that portion of the gig requirement is complete. I don’t do this with all my clients, only the ones that would ask me of it.

Other than that, you COULD technically have a MILESTONE like order setup.
For e.g your project is for $120. You could ask your seller to send you 3 custom offers of $40 each so you have Parts 1,2,3. You could purchase the next part of the custom offer once the previous part is complete.

This would be the most ideal way of doing LARGE projects on Fiverr, and its a safeguard for both the Buyer and Seller here.