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What withdrawal method should I use?


Hi! My Fiverr freelance experience has only just taken off and I have withdrawn my first few hundred USD to my Paypal account. I will soon be moving to America temporarily so keeping the currency in USD is ideal, especially as I earn more vi Fiverr in the future.

However, in order to withdraw from Paypal I need to first transfer the money to my Swedish bank account. Paypal does not allow me to connect a non-Swedish bank to my account, since I’m registered in Sweden. How can I best solve this? Is there a way to pay directly via Paypal in stores in the US, or can I somehow pass paypal all together when withdrawing from Fiverr?


If you get to the US, you can open a bank account and do “Direct Deposit”.
Some businesses allow you to pay with PayPal but the majority would be online stores.


Thanks :slight_smile:

What’s the difference between “bank transfer” and “direct deposit”, and am I really able to open a US bank account as a European?


Why not? I am not a banker but I am sure you can. Direct deposit is only available in the US and the withdrawal fee is $1.
Bank transfer fee is $3. Perhaps others who are familiar with Payoneer or Fiverr’s Revenue Card will chime in with some thoughts.
You can find some detailed information here:


If you live in the US and have a social security number you can open a US bank account. I tried this a couple of years ago in New York. The bank employee told me this and as I was only a visitor I couldn’t open a bank account. However, you can get a Payoneer debit card.

It is also possible for you to keep using your European bank account that is linked to your Paypal in order to pay at the mall with your card. The downside in this case are most likely the transaction fees.

You can also ask the (excellent) customer support over at Paypal. It should be possible to change your address in your account and then link you US bank account to your Paypal account. The people over at Paypal can guide you here.


It might depend on the bank itself. Some are OK with just a valid ID and proof of residence. You can probably google it and find some infos. The social security number though is a good point :+1:


It’s indeed possible. I believe it was Bank of America back then.
Now I’m fine with Payoneer as I now also receive my Amazon earnings on it without paper check and $100,- threshold.


I personally use PayPal to withdraw my Fiverr balance and then send it to Payoneer card with (US payment) no fee to transfer the money and takes 3 days.


Payoneer card use :dancing_men:


Is Payoneer the same as the Fiverr Revenue Card? I’ve hard a lot of negativity about it due to fees, but if used right that might not be an issue…? :slight_smile:


Yes, Fiverr Revenue Card is a Payoneer MasterCard.