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What would be an effective way to get new order, what do you think?

Hi, I am a digital marketer and content writer. It is difficult to get an order as a beginner but not impossible. Since I am here still surviving though for a short time. Got few orders but not good enough. I have spent a part of the time nowadays, trying to get some order but at the end of the day it seems useless. It’s so annoying. Is buyer request the only way to get an order? What about you guys? What would be an effective way, what do you think?


I am interested I wanna get new orders I’m new on FIVERR


I have never used the Buyer Requests option simply because the rates being offered are so low.

I suppose it s a good option for a beginner but you can’t expect to see a lot of work on Fiverr as there are thousands of other content writers out there (including me).

You have to make your Gigs look attractive, have interesting details and descriptions and try to find something different like a specific niche to promote as a Gig.

Then you have to be patient and wait.

It isn’t a “get rich quick” platform.

You have to be here long-term to see any results.

Good luck.


I totally agree with you sir


Thank you Dear for your advice. I have to be patient and wait. I will follow your given instructions. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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Here we all want to get order. But difficult for the entry level.

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