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What Would Be The Effect of A Deleted Gig That Has Cancelled Order?


Im new here at Fiverr. I’ve been really working hard to satisfy my clients and every transaction and delivery is over-delivered. So far I got a 100% Positive Rating and 5% Overall Cancellation Ratio. 25% Cancellation Ratio for the specific Gig.

Now, the question is… What would be the effect (if there’s any) if I deleted the Gig with cancelled Orders?

The cancelled Orders was due to buyer’s fault and not mine. I am expecting to have a Level 1 Badge right now, since I already have more than 10 Sales, 30 Days active on Fiverr, and has a 100% Positive Rating. But still, I haven’t. So I am suspecting that the Cancelled Orders has gotta be affecting my Ratings.

Anyone has thoughts regarding this?


Thank you for responding, Im quite convinced about what you said. Thanks again.


Just got to Level One on this very hour.