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What would be the fair thing to do?


Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Fiverr. I’m a buyer and I requested a signature logo for my brand. I decided to go with someone who responded to my request because they have a 4.9 rating and it looked like they did a variety of work. I specified that I wanted certain colors in my logo and even sent pictures of things related to my brand (website and where I would be filming videos) to get a better feel of what I wanted my logo to be related to.

The first logos were delivered within said time frame but I did not like them at all. I asked the designer to take out certain pieces of it and I told her the logos were a little too bold and that I wanted something more dainty. Then sent her more pictures of what I was looking for. She responded right away and said she would make the modifications. The next logos she sent back were completely different and nothing near what I asked for, not even the color scheme. It was like she disregarded everything I originally asked for. And the name of my brand wasn’t even in the logos the 2nd time.

I sent her more revisions. Again she responded in a timely manner but the logos were are completely off again. Even though the color scheme was back to the original, the pieces I asked her to take out, were back in there and still, the logos are just too bold. I’m obviously not a graphic designer, but the logos look like she spent five minutes in Word creating these. There is nothing creative or original about them.

So I’m asking you guys, as buyers and sellers, what would be the best thing to do? Do I just keep going back and forth with her about the design or do I just cancel the order and have someone else do it? I want it to be fair on both ends but I’m starting to get frustrated with this whole thing. I feel like she is being patient but I’m just not getting what I’m asking for. Thank you in advance for you answers!


The fair thing to do would be to do what you would do in the real world.

Did your last Big Mac not look as tasty as the picture on the last McDonald’s ad you saw? Take it back and ask the seller for a refund. If they so no, leave a review saying your burger was a bit less than impressive. There’s no real mystery to it really.


I totally agree with cyaxrex. Let the seller know how disappointed you are (I think they should already be aware of it by now) and try and come to a mutual agreement (refund). If not, just post a review that you deem is in accordance to the services offered. I am sure that would help a lot of future buyers. They will now know that they probably shouldn’t buy from that seller.


I think that if you tell her how you feel about the situation exactly as you did in your post here, you guys will figure it out eventually.
If not, it would be reasonable to cancel the order.

Once this is done, there will be a new post in the forum from a seller telling everybody what bad experience he/she just had. Then a ton of the same old reactions will appear and the snack and potato chips industrie is the only one that does well from a gig gone wrong.


You should definitely tell her how disappointed you are and then obviously talk to her about you wanting to cancel order and cancel it with a mutual decision if she agrees otherwise make another attempt and try.
Hope you get what you really want. good luck :smiley:


Thank you for your advice!


Reporting is not fair because the sellers are working hard to make you happy for so little, and I am for communication…So explain to her the situation again, and if she’s rude then ya give her a bad review, but if she’s doing the best, then negotiate to fix it or ask for a refund. Your bad review may ruin her business, because I am confident she’s trying her best, and maybe you are a picky costumer and you are asking the impossible for little investment:thinking :thinking:


The you might want to consider reading OP’s post again.