What would be your recommendations to a data_Miner?


I’m quite new here, ready to work, but I’m also soliciting for ways to have more job on a daily basis.

So I would like to know your opinion on how to get more projects or orders from clients.

I’m a very dedicated miner and wouldn’t mind spending my entire day to serve the needs of my prospective clients.

I need your opinion please



Be honest, use your own photo, don’t steal gig descriptions, keep in mind that a gig description should make sense (for example, if your gig title indicates offering writing services, it makes zero sense to talk about being a marketing consultant and offering consultancy in the gig description)…


Don’t fake your location by using a VPN.
Especially since you are offering a VA service!


Thanks for your advice, I will do well to keep that in mind…


Really now?
I don’t really need to do that, I’m who I am…


So do you reside in US atm?