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What would happen if seller delivers unacceptable quality, refuses cancellation

Not that it’s happening to me but just wondering how would this be solved? Seller delivers poor quality, buyer understands seller can’t do any better then this and she requests cancellation. Seller thinks his work is good enough and refuses cancellation, but buyer really wants to cancel and she requests cancellation again, how would this work out? In case a Fiverr employee must solve this, how is the product being judged etc.?


it got deadline time ( deliver times) if order can’t complete b4 deadline, you can take money back, order canceled


Please read the cancellation policy from Fiverr:

“Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Modifications for your delivered order, will not be done based on personal taste. Buyers are given the option to rate their experience with the seller and share their experience in a feedback review.”

They basically state cancellations/refunds are not available based on ‘personal taste’. This is what the ratings system was bought in for. If you don’t like the work provided, rate it accordingly. As the seller has already spent the time etc to perform the work, a refund isn’t compulsory as they deserve to be paid. Some sellers will offer a refund to avoid a lower rating for the buyer but it isn’t mandatory.

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The jobs here are not done so a buyer can see if they like it and get a refund if they don’t. That is why you need to choose the best sellers with the highest levels and best feedback.

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I have yet to get a job done for a fiver, seems to me people deliberately bump up the price but yet again I have had only great experiences so far.

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Well what I do is ask them to send me the file first and see if I can do it, if so, I will actually do the job first then send them a sample, usually a 30 second snippet or something with my watermark, if they like what they see they can then purchase the gig and I can send it to them straight away, if they reneg on the deal I have the proof they liked and wanted to purchase it in the PM, so I can simply fwd that to Fiverr, I mean a verbal contract is still viable, they can’t turn around and say they accidentally hit purchase after confirming they liked what they saw and even if they do, the law is firmly on my side, LOL. :slight_smile:

Hey, I am new of fiverr. I agreed to do a gig with a logo designer, ended up paying 50 US. But the thing is, it sucks, big time. What can I do now? I mean I sent a clear description of what I wanted, the company name, the slogan, the existing drawings. I just wanted him to put everything together. What he did was make up something completely new, not respecting any of the wishes that I stated to him. I can’t use his logo on the site, I don’t want it, and I don’t think a “modification” would help in anyway. Can you give me some tips?


@alw1nl - I think one of the best ways to guard against this is to do a little digging on the sellers for what you wanna buy before ordering. Check out at least 3 pages worth of comments, and also be very specific when messaging them first BEFORE making an order.
If this was done and the and then results in the subject issue - More than likely the CS will dig deeper to determine if the communication was clear or if the Buyer is being a cheat (to get their money back) or if they literally didn’t get what they asked for.

@twistedweb123 - great suggestions too regarding the terms


So true designbybliss, but i have a question since everyone is protecting the buyers rights of ordering gigs, What if the the buyer provide miss leading information and then ordered the gig, and i followed the instruction as is, and after that the buyer send a modification request, and i ask the buyer to explain in detailed and corrected the instruction, and i do the modification, and the buyer say “it is still wrong not even close” and send a cancellation request. How would i know that the buyer is not telling a lie and want the work done for free, saying that the work is not done the correct way?

What if the buyer, like me for example, attach the file with even the description of the program and what if the 2 level high rated seller promises to deliver the high quality content but I receive only low lever internet text and nowhere is what I ordered? And what if the seller after modification request delivered me modification without attachment and 189 USD was cleared from my account and Fiverr Customer Support never answers?

Reply to @misscrystal:

After ordering for a several thousand US I learned that the star ratings and reviews have little to no value, neither do the levels. There are hundreds of top selling article spinners who call themselves ‘writers’, and thousands of ‘Recommended’ Level 2 ‘logo designers’ who only use templates and don’t offer any ‘logo design’. I came upon sellers with very average ratings and little sales who were worth gold.

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Reply to @alw1nl: it’s called Fiverr. You’re not wrong in your assessment, but you are still, essentially, starting from $5 and getting pissed because you got what you paid for. Caveat emptor.

Reply to @laurentterrijn: I will suggest that you first request for a modification first to see if it will improve the design. If you are still not satisfied with the results after modification you have the option to cancel the order by mutual agreement and your money will be refunded to you.

Reply to @emmaki:

Not so true, many starters do absolutely great work for the lousy $4 while paying more is no guarantee for quality either. The is no rule for what you get for you money, it’s real people in all it’s variations.

I love working with starters, often they have the best motivations.

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Reply to @alw1nl: Again, you’re not wrong, but even you know that $5 is a dicey preposition at best, and while using the market in your favor to get better work off starters, ethically I can’t help but wonder. In any case, I try to deliver the same work whether it’s $5 or $500, but I have noticed that the $5 are often the most demanding and difficult!

Personally, were I to use a Fiverr seller, I would use a $5 as a test for further work. I certainly wouldn’t send a 5000 word brief (!) and expect miracles to flow. The only key variant I can think of that changes this is how much that $5 is valued at in a local currency. I’m in Greece, and a $5 job nets me… hm, maybe one Greek coffee. In India etc, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck, but then again, it depends what you want–fluent, well-written English is more difficult for non-native speakers, while logo design and more technical/graphic work doesn’t require that level of English, just an intermediate level for communication (and even then, a non-English speaker could hire someone to take on a receptionist role…)

All in all, I think the idea behind $5 is terrible, yet I’m still here :smiley:

Reply to @laneman: strange… Why didn’t you cancel and put a bad review? It’s like we are using different services… I always afraid that the buyer cancel order with no reason, so I prefer to cancel myself if I see that I cannot do something well and fast.
And would be good to check seller first on small orders, before paying relatively big amount (break order into smaller pieces).

Reply to @ruslancer: Some cancellation types do not allow you to leave a review. If the review is requested by either seller or buyer and the other agrees that is a mutual cancellation and reviews are not available. This makes sense, since both partied have agreed there is no exchange of product that the buyer can keep.

If either party requests a cancellation and the other ignores it, the cancellation still goes through but is not mutual. This affects the seller negatively in terms of non-mutual cancellation rate and over time can cause loss of levels. Even then, a review is usually not available.

The last type of cancellation is when the job runs very late. The buyer can then cancel based on late/no delivery and an automatic poor (1 star) review is left by Fiverr.

I have a question? I’m in a bit of situation here on fiverr as a seller. Got a problem with a client, first of all wanted me to copy designs from other sellers which was not professional an unethical. In the gig description was stated 3 versions of logo design he was not satisfied so he kept wanting more revisions. So this went for a more until finally he was satisfied with the design but kept clicking the revision button saying i needed to make business cards. I explained that was a gratis design that was the same for everyone but decided to make an exception for him i felt a bad vibe because i was scared of a bad rating so i made him 4 or 5 design again keeps clicking revisions even though the gig was for logo design. I sent him all of the files everything and keep asking for more this time was for letterhead an envelope which was not included in the gig at all. I sent him some basic an told him this was it and begged him to close the project. But now he wants to cancel the order and I’m not allowing this to happen because he has all the files. Told him why didn’t he cancel 8 revisions ago. Anyone please do you have some typo of advice here of what to do with this type of clients from h***? So sorry for the long post.

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