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What would I do if social media sharing needed?

What would I do if social media sharing needed? For working purpose most often I need to share my social media since I have a gig on Facebook Business Page. As far as I know social media sharing is not allowed on Fiverr. Suggestions?

share your gigs on social media is allow but your social account not allow to be share on fiverr

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You can share your social media link in MS word doc.

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Hi Zaiba,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I know that & I do it as well. I need to get connected with them to handover the page I create for them on Facebook.
What if buyer reports against me for any reason & Fiverr notice that I sent him/her a personal social account link?
It’s the main reason of questioning. Many bad buyers are available on Fiverr now a days.
I joined a group on Facebook named “Fiverr Help Bangladesh” . There I saw many fiverr freelancer getting victim cause of these bad buyers.

Thank you!

Yes this is the fact but there is no other option

The majority of buyers on Fiverr are excellent, just for balance.

If you’re offering a gig but you’re not sure how to go about it within Fiverr’s ToS, then perhaps you shouldn’t be offering it?

The best thing to do is to ask Customer Services the best way to do it and stay within the rules. They’ll also be able to tell you if you shouldn’t be offering it.

Please don’t do that - Fiverr does check file contents, and trying to be sneaky about it would be even worse. :wink:

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I saw your profile.
Are you new on fiverr?

Yes, I am new:) from I join Fiverr in May

Oh great.
Keep active on Fiverr regularly & do buyer requests.
I hope within a short time you’ll be able to get your first order.
I had to wait for a month to receive the first order though.
Alhamdullilah now I’m getting 1-2 works regularly.
Best wishes!

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Thank you, I got my first order today:)
I am working on it.

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Do the job properly. I’ll visit your profile again to see 5 stars.

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Thank you once again, You will see 5 star InShaAlla :slight_smile: