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What Would Improve Your Experience?

There are a few tiny improvements that always come to mind when interacting with buyers. I would love to hear anyone else’s ideas or what their take is on the ones I’ve come up with! What kind of common things do you run into that could be solved by implementing interface changes?

  1. Quickly finding files in a conversation.
    This is something that would save a ton of time for me, personally. Because of the gig I sell, I have to reference specific files that have either been tweaked several times or are deep into a discussion. Having a section that shows a history of files would be such a lifesaver.

  2. Searching keywords or phrases in a conversation.
    Much like the first section, this is something that would save time. If I can remember a certain word or phrase mentioned by either me or my buyer, I can quickly look back and reference whatever I need to by using a search.

  3. Allowing for refunds.
    I have not had much of a need for this function at all, but in the times that I have, I desperately wished for it. Instead of offering something like a bunch of extras at no extra price, I would love to just be able to comp the order - especially for regulars.

  4. Allowing for status updates.
    There have been times where I’m referencing a conversation and writing while I have an interested buyer messaging several times for a response. While my intention is to answer them as soon as possible, being able to set something like “Unavailable - this user is currently working on a gig and will respond to messages as soon as possible” as a status so that they don’t assume I’m ignoring would be convenient.

  5. Keeping buyer notes.
    A feature that might just help me specifically, but generally useful, nonetheless. Providing the ability to create custom forms/fields for each individual buyer would save time on collecting order requirements of specific buyers. Or, it could allow for a closer, more warmed connection between buyer and seller by allowing for personal notes about the client that could be referenced later. For instance, my clients tend to turn to regulars, so I like to save birthdays, anniversaries, other notes and dates to be referenced later for conversation or custom coupons. I currently keep a Word Doc, but again, this is all for convenience.

Who else would personally benefit from these features? I would love to know how these adapt for other fields of work here. :slight_smile:



Hi, i love the points you raised. I could use those improvements too

These tips are so helpful.Thanks a lot.

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I’m Ran, the product manager on Fiverr responsible for communication on Fiverr.
Thanks for raising these points!
I have some follow up questions:

  1. Regarding the option of being able to quickly find files and search - will it be more helpful to have the option to pin a message and then go to the pinned messages? Or will it be easier to use free form methods to get it?
  2. Regarding the ability to keep notes - there is such a capability when you see an order. Did you mean something similar to that in the inbox?

I heard similar asks from other Fiverr users. It’s definitely on my todo list :slight_smile:



Hi Ran!
Thanks so much for replying. It makes me so happy to know there’s somewhere receptive for change. :slight_smile:

I believe it would be easier to use free methods to get it. I might not deem a message remarkable but it may come up useful later on for some far-distanced reason and I could look up that particular message if I can approximate what it said.

Yes! Something similar in inbox. Not something that is readily available when you open a conversation up just to maintain a snug, organized look, but something the user has the option of pulling down and utilizing. Would probably benefit a buyer, too.

What are your thoughts on this?


I heard similar requests from other sellers on Fiverr, so it all makes sense to me.
It’s all on my roadmap, but unfortunately not in the upcoming months, but I’ll try to push it as early as possible.
I’ll DM you. It will be great to hear more about it :slight_smile: