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What would you change in the description?

Hey Sellers! I would like to ask your feedback what would you change in the gig description! This is a bit unusual gig, I am willing to take criticism, but be constructive please :slight_smile:
Be blessed,

Hi Sheila,
It doesn’t look bad to me at all. The English is not perfect; if you would like some help with his I am happy to help you; just message me and I will message back my recommendations free of charge. Hope to help, Tania :slight_smile:

You could give the sources for some of the info either in the description or in the video (eg. in the video it says humans have 72000 meridians and 88000 chakras but it doesn’t give a source for this info). It also doesn’t give a source for the “95% of people would need…” statement. Maybe also say how long it takes the spell to manifest.

It’s funny to see how Fiverr tries to recommend similar gigs based on single keywords :smiley:

When I was checking your gig I noticed that Fiverr showed these gigs under your gig description
These are not even in the same category.


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Lol, I find that funny.