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What would you charge?


Just out of curiosity, what would any fellow writers charge for 10 x 1,000 word articles? Also, if you do (or did) video, what would you charge for 5 x 30 second custom explainer videos.

I think I just terrified a potential buyer with what I thought was a very reasonable quote. In this case, what would yours be?


A rather modest $3.3k here. I’d even offer a discount to $3k.

That particular door hasn’t been knocked yet, it has to be said!


Wow emmaki lol. You must be a top rated seller.


Approximately 10k words, $100 to $200, depending on complexity and amount of research involved.

Possibility of $80 if no research involved and non technical everyday article.


It’s not always the complexity and other points you raised: it’s also the sales that the copy will generate.

Outlandish Fiverr scenario: Joe comes to Fiverr to get an article about his thing and pays someone $5 for the thing. The thing goes viral, and Joe becomes a millionaire off it. The seller has $%.

This isn’t as outlandish as I am presenting it, and a lot of talented people (on and off Fiverr) do have this happen to them, although maybe not as drastically as I’ve presented it. All that said, people writing at that level general get options or something in the company (e.g. royalties–for every product sold as a result of my writing, I get 20 cents), but the Fiverr model doesn’t have that built into it–and in any case, most people dwelling on freelance websites aren’t into that, so IDK.

My pricing is mainly based on keeping my workload manageable. I spot a good business idea there for someone with deep enough pockets to break the market duopoly though…


A very gifted copywriter I know fresh from getting his MBA, who worked his way through college and grad school writing for an ad agency, was given a $100,000 job immediately and they threw in a new Mercedes to sweeten the deal.


That’s because he’s got the words to shift that shit.

And connections. MBA. Smart. (up to a point…)


It depends on the type of articles. If it a review of an expensive product, that is expected to generate thousands of $ in affiliate revenue, then I would charge according to the product’s affiliate commission.Let’s say 30% of the commission. I recommend that you do the same.


Depends on the topic, research involved, and where the content is being used.

$250 to $350 for the articles.

Explainer videos are different. 30 seconds is around 60 words maybe. $100 perhaps.

As far as what people do with what is written, I wish Fiverr had a nice commercial use liscence for writers that was clear a piece was being used for profit. If they are making money, we should be able to charge more for them to make the money.

But, I guess as a freelancer, the other way to see it is what are they doing to make the money, and can we do it too with our skills?


Are you guys being serious? 100k and a brand new Mercedes? Jesus Christ I am in the wrong line of business


It depends on language as well. Articles in Dutch of a 1000 words would probably go for between $25 and $50 a piece. The reason is that there are, with the exception of Suriname, only Dutch speakers in wealthy countries.