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What would you do? Buyer ordered wrong gig and the job is ready

Hi all,
Just asking your view.
A buyer ordered a gig from me and I worked a whole day on it. After he saw the product he said oh worry I orederd the wrong gig! Please discard this and redo the job using different directions.

Now I have put that check box for clients which tells them to check everything before placing the order and any changes will cost extra, and he checked that as agreed!

What would you do? Cancel the order? Charge him and get ngative review?
I have similar situations thats why im asking here…

Option 1) “Oh, don’t worry, it’s no problem. However, based on your instructions, the new job will cost a little extra because X, Y and Z.” Charge client 50% extra. If he accepts, you recover 50% of the cost of the new job, 100% of what you’ve already done, plus a good review and no conflict. If he doesn’t, you are now at option 3.

Option 2) “The job was done as per your instructions, and you are completely at fault, so I will have to charge you for my work regardless of whether it is of use to you.” Get 100% of your money, maybe get a bad review, talk to CS to see if they can remove it based on the evidence (CS tends to have a strict no-review-change policy)

Option 3) “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Cancel the order, lose the money, get a slight increase in your cancellation rate, keep your reviews intact.

Toss 3-sided coin (?). Pick the winning option.


Thanks, I had options 2 and 3 in my mind but the suggested option 1 seems
It is always the dilemma between bad reviews and high cancellation rate…