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What would you do differently if starting out on fiverr again?

To all experienced sellers what would you do differently if starting out on fiverr again?

I’ll have to give this some thought before replying, but I think it’s a really interesting question. This is a cool question since it’s kind of a new angle on an old topic. Nicely said, @lloydsolutions!

I feel things evolved in my case exactly the way they were destined to. I would have looked for and found fiverr sooner is the only difference.

I, personally, would have chosen a better username. “hanashivoice” doesn’t exactly say “I’m a video/audio editor”. It was my go-to name for a while and I didn’t think much of it when I signed up with Fiverr; I didn’t anticipate becoming semi-successful the way I did.

I don’t think I’d do anything differently, as like @misscrystal, I think it just evolved as it was meant to. I spent a long time researching my area and writing my profile and gigs. Beyond that it was all the luck of the draw. I’m not sure I would do anything differently.

Yeah me too. I would have choosen a username to match my current gigs. When I first started I had different gigs. I wish I started out with the gigs I have now.

I wouldn’t do anything different at all…I have had a marvelous experience on Fiverr so far, every month here has brought me great pleasure - not just financially, but in terms of satisfaction and giving me a purpose in my life. Couldn’t be happier. Of course, I would wish that people in my country would respect freelancers and not treat us like losers of the worst kind, but guess that’s asking for too much :slight_smile:

And I want to thank one nice elderly gentleman from Florida, a veterinarian, who placed 65-75 1-gig orders with me when I was a newbie. I don’t see him around anymore…but if not for the initial push given by him to me, I wouldn’t do so well. I hope he is doing great, I haven’t heard from him in over a year. God bless him.

Had I known, I would have made my Gig url’s shorter.

I will tell myself to do more research and take Fiverr seriously…:slight_smile: Its awesome!!!

I would take notes (practically typing or writing it down somewhere) of all the good points I see here in the forums. So far, just made mental notes.

All positive and helpful. Thanks guys!

You can say I’m doing so, I’m starting out on fiverr again. I’ve deleted my gigs and created new ones. The first thing I thought of, I want to change my username :smiley: Why the hell everyone wants to do so. Dunno!

I would buy whiteboard from start. everything else, would do just the same :slight_smile:

Well, i dunno what to do different cos i’m just starting! :slight_smile:

I think I start over at least once every few months or so; having been active for 7 months so far, I think I’ve “reinvented” my seller strategy three or four times… Nothing is static, or perfect at the start here.

I would respond to anyone asking this question with one of my own: why do you have to start over to change?

In each case of my “reinvention” of my services, I find myself usually streamlining (reducing/strengthening) my gigs, identifying my ideal client demo, and writing a list of what works/what doesn’t work, as a reflection of recent sales.

In my case, I would start with the gigs I currently have instead of virtual assistant gigs. When I first found Fiverr I had no idea what I should do, especially because in my domain (academic writing/translations) there was so many sellers. Gradually, I discovered that it’s the quality of the work that makes you stand out and you can get your gig sold if the service you have to offer is high quality.

I would have taken fiverr seriously as well.

How can I show people the quality of my work if no one is buying? The work I’m trying to do is humanitarian-- So I need confessionals, but I don’t have any.

Make more gigs that focus on business. Help a business to reach out to its customers better through EQ or something. The psychic market has your market cornered, so focus on unique and where the money is: business. If you know NLP flog that dead horse for all its worth.