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What would you do guys?

Hello everyone! I just made a new logo design gig and want to know if it’s good enough or am I still missing on something. And for that purpose, I’d be needing your valuable help.

My gig link :

Assuming a scenario where you are genuinely in search of a logo and you have come across my this particular gig. What would you do?

Buy it or Pass it?
Kindly let me know in the replies along with a REASON to your choice.

I know this sounds like an exam question, but your little contribution in the form of feedback would be of great help to me. Thank you!


Anyone with their 2 cents?

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I would pass it.

Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear.

You’ve provided 3 examples, but none of them really pop out. Only one is in colour, the Chatterbox one, and I quite like that… but it’s quite niche. How many of your prospective customers are likely to be app developers making chat-apps? Versus just regular small business owners, who want a logo for their haircare business? Or their car-cleaning business? Or their building business? You get my point.

The other 2 I found pretty boring, and the lack of colour didn’t make me stick around to view more. And because you only have those 3 examples, I wouldn’t take a chance on you, and would go to a designer with more of a portfolio for me to look at.

Remember, you can only upload 3 images… that doesn’t mean you can only showcase 3 logos! Be creative!


Not at all buddy. That’s not a hard pill to swallow for me. It’s good that you are being brutally honest. It’s gonna help me in my future gigs and in the long run.

And very well points raised. I appreciate you took your time out and pointed out specific mistakes and explained them to me in detail. Thanks!

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You’re welcome. Much respect to you for taking the criticism so well. Some people only want to hear the good stuff.

My advice would be to see what the top-sellers in the logo niche are doing, in terms of how do they arrange their 3 images? You could quite easily turn an image into a 3x3 collage of logos, which would then give you 9 logos per image, giving you (potentially) 27 logos you could showcase and still do-so in high quality. That’s a chance for you to show off your artistic flair and connect with more potential customers.

Good luck.

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Yeah I had this exact thought after reading your previous reply. Would definitely use the collage now.

Good luck to you as well.

I’d be cautious about offering unlimited revisions also! As a professional, you should be confident in your work – it’s fine to offer maybe 1 or 2 revisions depending on the package but personally I think offering unlimited revisions would only make the buyer more questionable about the quality of your work.

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Notes taken. Changed it to limited revisions only. Thanks!