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😟 What would you do if

Hey, guys! I hope you all are having a great day…

I used to sell my service directly from the customer before I was on Fiverr and the main problem I used to face is disputed and chargebacks.

On August 30, 2017, one of my client opened a false case.
I contacted the client on Twitter and asked him why he opened this fake case?
He said that his account is hacked and someone else opened the case and he does not have any clue of when he will get his account back.

I waited 4 days and I thought he will get the account back and he will close the case.
But he doesn’t get the account back, so I had to reply to PayPal reguarding this case.

I provided PayPal the work I have done for the client and the proof/screenshot of chat on Twitter between me and the client.

I was in confidence that I will win the case.

I waited really long for the decision of PayPal…
and unfortunately, PayPal team closed the case in favor of buyer/client. and I was like :sob::scream::cold_sweat:

Now, If you were there in place of me. What would you do if the case closed in favor of buyer/client even if you are honest to PayPal?

Please suggest me what to do now, I really need that money which is on hold. :sweat:

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We can see your real name in that so you need to remove that.

There is nothing you can do about this. Sorry.


Did any part of this transaction happen on Fiverr or is your whole case about something that happened between you and a client off-Fiverr? Technically it probably doesn’t matter except that my opinion about your situation might vary depending on the answer.


I was not a seller on Fiverr. This topic is not related to Fiverr.
Most of the people here are a freelancer, so I thought they might have faced this problem and have any solution…

Now, I work on Fiverr and I do not accept payment directly from buyers.

Ok, here is my best advice based on a non-Fiverr transaction:’s-decision-on-my-claim-faq2050

Based on Fiverr, you should be aware that occasionally buyers do try to file a PayPal chargeback against Fiverr and you can have your account funds deducted. If it’s a small amount it’s usually better to chalk it up like a cancellation and move on because it’s just part of a business. If it’s a large amount, do write to Customer Support on Fiverr and show screenshots and explain clearly why you should get your funds back.

There have been rare cases where Fiverr will return the funds to the seller even though they lose their 20% to the deceptive buyer. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you, but be prepared and don’t freak out.


Thank you so much :grinning:


Good luck!

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